So how did Tsunami Cables come to be? Well, once upon a time…Just kidding. But in all reality Tsunami Cables started out due to a young college kid( Keith Stixx) in 2006 needing money for beer; priorities of being in your 20’s. While he was attending MI he started making cables in his apartment, He learned this skill through the audio engineering program he was in. Keith sold them to the guys who needed cables and were not in the program to build them themselves. Eventually it became a little side hustle that paid for the beers and late night food runs after a long night in the studio. After graduation in 2007, Keith moved back to San Diego and started up his own home recording studio. He would sell the cables he built in his parents garage to the bands he would record. Eventually Keith was making more money selling the cables then the studio time people were paying for. He thought to himself “hmmm, there might be some potential here.” So he got his business license, had a few meetings with mentors and started Tsunami Cables. The next couple of years was dedicated to research and development to see what the consumers needed. In 2009 he got the opportunity to partner in a recording studio in Lake Elsinore Ca. After a few years of trial and error Keith and his partners made the difficult decision of parting ways. Over the year Keith focused on growing the cable business and settling down. In 2013 he married Leilani and began the Tsunami Family. In 2018 after five years of hard work, sweat, blood and tears Keith was able to have his own booth for the first time at Winter NAMM. Keith had no idea  the wave he was about to ride!!  Tsunami Cables has grown tremendously in the last few years with having artist world wide. Dealer and retail relationships spanning throughout 5 continents, and partnerships with top industry leaders. Tsunami Cables would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for all the love, support and dedication of every single person involved. Thank you, ride the wave!!!

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