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Welcome to Bass Direct, a Bass Guitar specialist shop located in Warwick in the centre of the UK! We have the largest selection of bass guitars in the UK and specialise in top quality products with great service.

Bass Direct started in 2007 by working directly with specialist bass companies across the globe such as; Bergantino Audio, Roscoe, Willcox Guitars, Ken Smith, Mike Lull, MTD, Vanderkley, Nordstrand, Genzler, Creation Audio, Xotic, Nash, Elrick to name a few and work as the exclusive agents in the UK for them. We are also main agents for Sadowsky, Sandberg, Spector, Dingwall, Warwick, NS Design, Yamaha, Mayones, Musicman, Hofner, Klōs, LaBella and many more. We can order you a bass from most of the World's top manufacturers - please ask for a quote.

We feel that our handmade basses offer superb value for money and are and built to the highest standards by established luthiers at the top of their craft and will help you to achieve your bass playing expectations. We can undertake a custom project for you or help renovate or restore your bass.

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