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Do I need an Onboard Preamp?

Do I need a preamp? A preamp is just as it sounds, a pre-amplifier. It is an electronic amplifier that prepares an electronic signal for further amplification through your basses amplifier or signal processing chain through say a pedal board,mixing board, before hitting the end of the signal such as your amp or USB interface…

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Guide: Finding the right scale set for your bass

Guide: Finding the Right Scale Set for Your Bass Knowing your bass’ “scale length” is not enough information to purchase the correct set. Figuring out your bass’ required “string wound length” is key BEFORE you purchase a set from ANY string manufacturer. How to Figure out the “String Wound Length” your Bass Requires: On your…

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What pickups are right for me?

Are my Pickups Active or Passive? EMG – Active Pickups. Require 9v battery power for operation. If the EMG model notes Hz, then they are passive. Bartolini – Passive Pickups. Lindy Fralin – Passive Pickups. Aero – Passive Pickups. Delano – Passive Aguilar – Passive Pickups. Dingwall – Passive Pickups. An active pickup is a pickup that uses an electronic form of a preamp built…

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