Since the 1980s, Roscoe have established themselves as one of the USAs most popular and sought after custom bass manufacturers with thousands of proud “Roscoe-heads” around the world. Here is your chance to own a beautiful new bass guitar with that famous Roscoe tone. Roscoe make one of the best five string basses available today and the six string is legendary – we recommend you try the killer “B” string for yourself!

Roscoe instruments are one of the best selling bass at Bass Direct and this is in part due to the phenomenal range of great tones on tap combined with superior build quality and playability. We feel they represent amazing value for money as each bass is totally hand crafted in Greensboro’ USA for Bass Direct and built using only the finest selected and seasoned tone woods and high grade components with feature precision fit necks and hand sculptured bodies. There are few basses that feel and play as well as a Roscoe. There is currently a seven month waiting list for a Roscoe, please contact us if you wish to make a custom order.

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