Modern Vintage

Modern Vintage instruments reach back to the classic guitar and bass designs, adding improvements and updates without tampering with the formula that creates the sound, feel, and look of the originals. Some of the updates include; more accurate, lightweight Hipshot bass tuning keys and Torrefied maple necks on both guitar and bass models for increased stability, with improved note sustain and clarity. A modern 2-way truss rod system with easy access for ‘on the fly’’adjustments allow dialing in the perfect setup easy.

Attention to vintage attributes and small, significant details is what sets Modern Vintage instruments apart from most. Using steel bridge saddles with the vintage ‘screw saddle’ design rather than pot metal or brass produces an attack/decay more like the originals. All passive electronics, period correct 4-ply tortoise pick guard material used on certain instruments, matching headstocks with custom-color instruments, and neck profiles modeled after curated vintage instruments regarded as having the ‘most traditional’ neck shapes of the era.

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