The traditions of building violin-making instruments in Podhale have been alive for a very long time. In the second half of the last century, there was a violin making school in Nowy Targ, which educated many excellent violin makers. To this day, in the Kenara high school in Zakopane, there is a class with a violin making profile in which young people are educated in the field of building violin making instruments. Since the 70s of the twentieth century in Nowy Targ there were successive companies (Mensfeld, MEG, EMP) that dealt with the construction of lute instruments, in particular basses and electric guitars, however, for various reasons, these companies ceased their activity in the field of building electric guitars. In order to maintain the violin making traditions of guitar building and having a very good staff of violin makers in this area, we opened a new company that builds instruments under the MENSINGER and MARATHONE brands. A significant part of the MENSINGER instruments we produce find buyers abroad, especially in Western Europe. In the field of distribution and construction of bass guitars, we cooperate with the German company Public-Peace. This year, we once again participated in the largest music fair Frankfurt 2014, where we presented the latest offer of our company. Our guitars and basses are available in dozens of music stores all over Poland, but we have the largest offer in our company where there are about 350-400 instruments available for sale.

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