The Dingwall Z series has become an increasingly familiar sight within the bass world, largely thanks to breathtaking bass displays from the likes of Jacob Umansky (Intervals) and Jared Smith (Archspire). “My Z3 is the most versatile and playable instrument I’ve ever come across,” says Jacob. “It’s truly my dream bass. The team at Dingwall brought my vision to life in every way possible.”

Thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted to the highest standards, the Z encapsulates the very best our custom shop has to offer. It’s an astonishing example of both workmanship and artistry.

All Z basses come with these options as standard:

Neck - 5 piece maple neck, angled headstock, wenge fingerboard with pearloid dots and 12th fret D, dual carbon fibre spars, 24 banjo size frets, matching headstock.

Electronics - passive super fatty II pickups, master volume, rotary pickup selector.

Hardware - Matte black hipshot tuners, Dingwall Z bridge

Body - dual density swamp ash, high gloss finish

5-String, Z1X or Z2X Passive: £4085

5-String, Z3X Passive: £4290

6-String, Z1X or Z2X Passive: £4185

6-String, Z3X Passive: £4395

Body Core Wood:

Swamp Ash: £140

Walnut: £140

Black Limba: £170

Northern Ash/Alder (Top or solid colour recommended): £140

Northern Ash/Swamp Ash: £140


Flamed Maple: £430

X-Top - Chosen from the Dingwall Website: £830

Contrasting Laminate (flamed maple or wenge, Recommended for all soft tops and non-burst finished) *see below for colour delete on contrast laminate: £270


Solid Colours:

Black: £0

Vintage White: £0

Ferrari Yellow: £0

Ferrari Green: £0

Surf Green: £0

Shell Pink: £0

Celestial Blue: £0

Sonic Blue: £0

Fiesta Red: £0

Metallic and Candy:

Metallic Blueberry: £390

Ducati White: £390

Candy Black Cherry: £390

Candy Dark Purple: £390

Candy Red: £390

Chrome Blue: £390

Pelham Blue: £390

Burgundy Mist: £390

Candy Tangertine: £390

Dark Candy Green: £390

Black Gold: £390

Ari Gold: £390

Bronze Age: £390

Colourshift (ask for available options): £465

Transparent Colours:

Natural (cleanest, highest quality wood aesthetics possible): £175

Single Transparent Colour: £175

Trans White (Available on Ash Only): £175

Pre-Bleaching recommended for bright colours/contrast: £270

Pre-Dye (enhances grain and contrast): £270

Natural to Edgeburst (dark colour on edge): £175

2-Tone (any combination of Dingwall colours light to dark): £345

3-tone (any combination of Dingwall colours light to dark): £505

Reverse-burst, hand dyed (add to the cost of a burst): £505

Transparent top with solid finish back: £345

Colour delete on contrast laminate (natural colour to contrast stripe): £390

Ceruse (coloured grain fill on coloured finish ash body): £465

Custom colour - candy and bursts extra (require photo): £780

Hardcoat Satin finish instead of gloss: £0




P-Tone neck pickup swap: £100

FD3 or Super Fatty II pickups swap (cost per pickup): £35

Darkglass Tone Capsule: £495

Glockenklang 3-Band: £380

Rupert Neve Designs/Dingwall 2-Band Plus Master Tone System: £415

2x Series/parallel toggles: £120

3x Series/parallel toggles: £140



Wenge Neck (5 piece): £465

Roasted Northern Ash Neck (5 piece): £465


Pau Ferro: £140

Maple: £180

Macassar Ebony: £395

Ziricote: £395

Fretless - Macassar Ebony, Segmented Lines: £515



D at 12th fret (Pearloid): £65

Speedo Bars with D or Blocks (White or Black Pearloid): £260

Speedo Bars with D or Blocks (Exotic wood or Coloured Pearloid): £385

Ghost S Bars with D or Blocks (White or Black Pearloid): £325

Ghost S Bars with D or Blocks (Coloured Pearloid): £435

Luminlay side dots (3mm green or blue): £100

Luminlay face dots (3mm green or blue): £100

Luminlay face dots and D12 on Z (3mm green or blue): £225

Luminlay Speedo bars (blocks not available): £520

Luminlay D on Headstock: £100

Luminlay D on 12th Fret: £125

Luminlay fretless lines (green or blue): £385


Performance Options

Hipshot Xtender Key: £145

F# set up and tuning with Dingwall Strings: £115

Custom set up and tuning with Dingwall Strings: £230

If you would like to custom order a bass, please get in touch with us at the shop for a custom quote and ETA.