Super J

The Super J is a reinvention of the classic J-style bass.

The look and feel lean towards the traditional, however the tone and quality are everything you’d expect from a Dingwall. For ideal clarity on the B and E-strings, alongside a big and warm quality to the D and G-strings, the scale length has been shortened by 2″ from our standard length.

Available in: 4 or 5-strings, 2 or 3-pickups, active or passive electronics, and take your pick from a range of available finishes.

All Super J Custom basses come with these options as standard:

Neck - 1 piece maple neck, 22 fret wenge fingerboard, pearloid dots, flat, sculpted headstock

Electronics - Passive FDV pickups, master volume, rotary pickup selector, master tone

Hardware - Matte black hipshot tuners, Hipshot/Dingwall bridge

Body - 2 piece alder body, high gloss finish read routed controls

4-String, 2x Pickup: £2985

4-String, 3x Pickup: £3215

5-String, 2x Pickup: £3090

5-String, 3x Pickup: £3320

Body Core Wood:

Swamp Ash: £140

Walnut: £140

Black Limba: £170

Northern Ash/Alder (Top or solid colour recommended): £140

Northern Ash/Swamp Ash: £140


Flamed Maple: £430

X-Top - Chosen from the Dingwall Website: £830

Contrasting Laminate (flamed maple or wenge, Recommended for all soft tops and non-burst finished) *see below for colour delete on contrast laminate: £270


Solid Colours:

Black: £0

Vintage White: £0

Ferrari Yellow: £0

Ferrari Green: £0

Surf Green: £0

Shell Pink: £0

Celestial Blue: £0

Sonic Blue: £0

Fiesta Red: £0

Metallic and Candy:

Metallic Blueberry: £390

Ducati White: £390

Candy Black Cherry: £390

Candy Dark Purple: £390

Candy Red: £390

Chrome Blue: £390

Pelham Blue: £390

Burgundy Mist: £390

Candy Tangertine: £390

Dark Candy Green: £390

Black Gold: £390

Ari Gold: £390

Bronze Age: £390

Colourshift (ask for available options): £465

Transparent Colours:

Natural (cleanest, highest quality wood aesthetics possible): £175

Single Transparent Colour: £175

Trans White (Available on Ash Only): £175

Pre-Bleaching recommended for bright colours/contrast: £270

Pre-Dye (enhances grain and contrast): £270

Natural to Edgeburst (dark colour on edge): £175

2-Tone (any combination of Dingwall colours light to dark): £345

3-tone (any combination of Dingwall colours light to dark): £505

Reverse-burst, hand dyed (add to the cost of a burst): £505

Transparent top with solid finish back: £345

Colour delete on contrast laminate (natural colour to contrast stripe): £390

Ceruse (coloured grain fill on coloured finish ash body): £465

Custom colour - candy and bursts extra (require photo): £780

Hardcoat Satin finish instead of gloss: £0


Pickguard Options

Standard Pickguard Matte Black: £0

Standard Pickguard option Parchment/Black/Parchment: £55

Optional Material (Black or White Pearloid, Tortoise): £105


P-Tone neck pickup swap: £100

FD3 or Super Fatty II pickups swap (cost per pickup): £35

Darkglass Tone Capsule: £495

Glockenklang 3-Band: £380

Rupert Neve Designs/Dingwall 2-Band Plus Master Tone System: £415

2x Series/parallel toggles: £120

3x Series/parallel toggles: £140


Wenge Neck (5 piece): £465

Roasted Northern Ash Neck (5 piece): £465

Matching Headstock Finish: £480

5 Piece laminated maple neck: £165


Pau Ferro: £140

Maple: £180

Macassar Ebony: £395

Ziricote: £395

Fretless - Macassar Ebony, Segmented Lines: £515


D at 12th fret (Pearloid): £65

Speedo Bars with D or Blocks (White or Black Pearloid): £260

Speedo Bars with D or Blocks (Exotic wood or Coloured Pearloid): £385

Ghost S Bars with D or Blocks (White or Black Pearloid): £325

Ghost S Bars with D or Blocks (Coloured Pearloid): £435

Luminlay side dots (3mm green or blue): £100

Luminlay face dots (3mm green or blue): £100

Luminlay face dots and D12 on Z (3mm green or blue): £225

Luminlay face dots (6mm green or blue): £125

Luminlay Speedo bars (blocks not available): £520

Luminlay D on Headstock: £100

Luminlay D on 12th Fret: £125

Luminlay fretless lines (green or blue): £385

Performance Options

Hipshot Xtender Key: £145

Chrome Hardware: £65

F# set up and tuning with Dingwall Strings: £115

Custom set up and tuning with Dingwall Strings: £230

If you would like to custom order a bass, please get in touch with us at the shop for a custom quote and ETA.