The Combustion succeeds in providing the ultimate combination of tone, performance and value, making it perfect for both stage and studio work. Thanks to our hybrid manufacturing approach, each bass receives a final fret level and is set up by our skilled team of artisans in Canada, which means you can enjoy all of the cutting-edge Dingwall benefits at a more affordable price.

Select from a left or right-handed model, Maple or Pau Ferro, 4-, 5- or 6- strings, with or without a pickguard and take your pick from a range of available of finishes, including Natural Ash, 2-Tone Blackburst, Vintageburst, Indigoburst, Whalepoolburst and Ultraviolet.

4-String: £1850

5-String: £1899

6-String: £1950


Natural Swamp Ash: £0

2 Tone Blackburst: £190

Vintageburst: £190

Indigoburst: £190

Whalepoolburst: £190

Ultraviolet: £190

*All upcharge colours feature a quilted maple top


Pau Ferro Fingerboard: £60

Lefthanded Option: £200

F# Tuning and Set up in store: £130

Custom tuning and set up from Factory: £235

Tortoiseshell Pickguard from Factory: £80

Black Pickguard from Factory: £60

Hipshot Extender

Hipshot USA Ultralite Tuners