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Nash guitars was started in 2001. Bill Nash, the one most to blame was raised in Los Angeles in and around the music industry. Played in bands, used to make his own guitars, customise things, ruin things and did much of what you would imagine goes on it the formative years of a someday guitar builder, blah, blah, boring. At the writing of this text, the company has grown to include two facilities, 8 or 9 employees and is truly a team effort. We understand that we are the largest independent maker of aged guitars in the industry. Most of the day to day running of and administration work is done or overseen by Mrs. Nashguitars as Bill is really best left to the creative side of things where he will not mess up the business end (anymore). He would have been fired long ago, but he is the only one who knows certain secrets used in the ageing of the guitars. All employees are guitar players. We will not ship a guitar or bass that we ourselves would not want to own or play.

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On Order

Nash Bass Guitars on order;

PB-63 – Alder body, 3 Tone Sunburst, Tort p/g, Rosewood f/b, Medium aged, Lollar p’ups – £1950

PB/J-63 – Alder body, Fiesta Red, Tort p/g, Maple f/b, Jazz neck,  light aged, Lollar p’ups – £2050

PB55 – Alder body, 2 tone sunburst, maple fingerboard, c shape neck, lollar pickups, extra heavy aged – £2450

PB-63 – Alder body, Fiesta Red, 4 ply Tort p/g, Rosewood f/b, Light aged, Lollar p’ups – £2199

JB-63 – Alder body, Natural, 4 ply Tort p/g, Rosewood f/b, Light aged, Lollar p’ups – £2299

PB/J-63 – Alder body, Mocha, 3 Ply Black p/g, Rosewood f/b, Light aged, Lollar p’ups – £2450