Since 1982, Mayones instruments find their origin in the very same place music starts – the heart. Their essence stems from passion of the talented musicians they work with and the devotion of their experienced luthiers. Mayones basses are the result of the perfect blend of 35 years of tradition, modern technology and affection at every stage of the building process. There is currently a 12-14 month wait for a custom build, please contact us for more information on ordering your own custom Mayones.

Please call or email the shop if you would like to order any model that is not is stock or you require a quote or any further information.


In Stock

On Order

2024 Q1 – In Progress

MB | Patriot 5 Fretless MR – H/Spruce/Flamed Maple/Ebony/9-Maple/T-ANTIQUE-BRN-M

MB | Comodous 4 [NEW 2022] H-H/Swamp Ash/Eye Poplar/Pau Ferro/9-Maple/T-RED-LQ-G

2024 Q2 – In Progress

Jabba Custom EP 5 | J-J/SwampAsh/EyePoplar/PauFerro/T-NAT-G

MB | Viking 4 [LIMITED RUN] H-H/SwampAsh/BuckeyeBurl/Ebony/5Wenge/T-CST-G

Jabba Custom BB 5 | H-H/SwampAsh/BuckeyeBurl/PauFerro/T-NAT-G

2024 Q3 – In Progress

Jabba HF 5 fretless | [LIMITED RUN] J-J60s/SwampAsh//Rosewood/M-AG-OWH-N [Hadrien Feraud]

2024 Q4 – Processing

MB | Patriot 6 Fretless | H-H/SwampAsh/EyePoplar3A/Ebony/5-Wenge/T-DPUR-R


Jabba HF 5 | J-J60s/SwampAsh/Spruce/PauFerro/T-ANTIQUE-BRN-S [Hadrien Feraud]

Jabba HF 5 | J-J60s/SwampAsh/Spruce/PauFerro/T-ANTIQUE-BRN-S [Hadrien Feraud]