Established in 1973, Bartolini designs and builds professional-level pickups and electronics for guitar and bass. Made in our San Luis Obispo California factory, our pickups and electronics bring out the best tone from your instrument, and are made to withstand the demands of working musicians to be sure they are ready. Great musicians use Bartolini Pickups and Electronics. Their audiences expect them to sound and play great weather in the studio, on the stage, or even in the woodshed. With Bartolini, they know they can deliver. Bartolini works closely with some of the worlds finest Luthiers to develop unique voicing for their instruments. Many of our products are exclusively custom-made for these great builders. We proudly bring the traditions of craftsmanship and innovation that Bartolini has been known for since 1973 into the 21st century. We hand-craft all of our products in California. Maybe you don’t need professional level gear. Maybe you don’t need to practice. But if you want to be pro-level, make sure your gear is as ready as you are.

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