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Xotic have been custom building basses since the 1990s establishing themselves as a sought after and well respected luthier. In 2009 Xotic launched the XJ 1T 5 string bass to a great reception, and in 2010 introduced the XJ - 1T 4 string bass. and in 2012 the XP 4 and 5 string basses The have since been adopted by many top US session players and touring professional due their superior build quality and huge sonic palette, current users include, Dave Swift, Chuck Rainey, John Pena, Michael Rhodes, Vail Johnson, Rick Hollinder, Rhonda Smith, Travis Carlton and Rufus Philpott


These basses are in stock, please click on images for more information;

Dave Swift playing with Jools Holland with his Xotic XP5 in Bronze

Rufus Philpot with his Xotic XJ 1t 5 In Sonic Blue

Customer feedback:

Submitted on the 11th July 2019 by Maarten in the Netherlands who ordered an Xotic XJ-Pro bass

Very pleased with my purchase and with Bass Direct. It was very easy to communicate with Mark, every email was answered promptly and my order was shipped out on the requested date. The order was well packaged and I received it undamaged.

Was not entirely sure what to expect when I ordered the bass as sometimes the information supplied by the store and the positive sounds on YouTube do not always reflect the actual product. But with regards to the Xotic Pro Vintage bass that I ordered everything on the website and on YouTube is true, the bass is very well build and to be honest it exceeds my expectations which is always good. It is my first five string so it takes some getting used to but it plays and sounds fantastic, the bass offers lots of tonal variations and the B string is tight. There is always things that can be improved but to be honest at this price point this bass is an absolute steal and I can recommend it to everyone.

Submitted on the 25th February 2016 by Gareth who purchased an Xotic XP4  bass

Hi Mark and Bass Direct Team!

Just thought I'd report back on the Xotic XP-1T 4. As you probably already know the bass is superb. As soon as I opened the case I was just blown away with the visual quality of it. Picking it up it felt great. The balance on the body is superb. They seem to have the Fender style but improved vastly on the ergonomics. It just feel so comfortable in every way (no digging into your forearm, on the plucking arm) and no neck dive. The neck feels great too (nice non sticky finish). It feels substantial and totally solid. The whole bass sounds great even when not plugged in - very resonant. Plugging it in with the EQ flat, you get a superb even tone across the whole finger board. In fact the tone is great without even tweaking the tri logic pre-amp. But when you do tweak this, the sounds you get are simply great. Overall, a superbly built bass with attention to all the details, and fantastic and even tone.

Best Regards


Submitted on the 7th October 2015 by Lionel who purchased an Xotic XP4  bass

Fabulous service from Mark at Bass and my awesome new Xotic XP1T bass! :-).... A beauty... Thanks for all your help & advice Mark. I couldn't be happier with Bass Direct's service and this fantastic bass!

Submitted on the 12th October 2014 by Gareth who purchased an Xotic XJ 1T 4 string  bass

Hi Mark

I just wanted to drop you a mail with regards to the xotic bass I purchased a while back. I have used it a lot more since my initial reply to you. At first I was very impressed, but I always knew that you kind of have to let it sink in for a while; really play it. Well the bass was very good to start with, but I feel it has grown even better with time. In some ways its real strengths are very subtle. You start off with a great sounding bass, but its only over time you get to really appreciate the clarity in the sound and the evenness over the finger board. Also, it's slightly bigger body means the bass is perfectly balanced and it is actually more comfortable than any bass I've ever played. You can see that every attention to detail has been paid to ensure that the bass is literally flawless. I do love it! I have to stop myself checking out their p bass equivalent! Thank you again with your help in getting this bass.

Submitted on the 2nd May 2013 by Gareth  who purchased an Xotic XJ 1T 4 bass


The bass has arrived! It is a beauty! Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to play it amplified as my baby daughter has just gone to sleep - so I'm going to have to wait (patiently) until later!

First impression of the build quality are very good though. I love the finish on the body. It seems protective without being over thick like some lacquers on some basses. The colour is very tasteful too. I was a little worried that the body might be too big as I've read it is slight bigger than a 'standard' jazz. It doesn't feel bigger and in fact it feel loads more comfortable than my Fender Jazz. The area where you rest your right forearm is super comfortable. I find on my Jazz it kind of digs in a bit and is bordering on being uncomfortable. So the ergonomics seem well thought out.

The neck feels super solid and I like the natural finish to it. Having owned a few warwicks I quite like the feel of natural wood. I think this bass has a good combination of lacquered and not lacquered areas. The neck seems a little wider and thicker than my Fender Jazz, but I like this. Sometimes the traditional Jazz neck seem a little too thin. So I think this xotic has a very good compromise. Again they have clearly spent a lot of time trying to get this perfect.

So far I'm very impressed and you can tell that it is quality. After owning a few warwick which were always good in build I bought a Fender P and J bass. Lets just say you could tell the difference! I kind of like them for what they are, but I'm under no illusions with them. So it is nice that this bass has arrived with superb craftsmanship.

With that, thanks again for your great service. It is always a pleasure to purchase from you.

Very best regards


Submitted on the 24th March 2012 by Lars from Sweden  who purchased an Xotic XJ 1T 4 bass


Just received one beautiful XOTIC bass, no damages or wounds from transportation.

A really good piece of work (I'll rather say art)! Nice! A Dream Bass!

Thank you for excellent service!

Best regards, Lars

Submitted on the 6th June 2012 by Jamie who purchased an Xotic Xj 1T 5 bass

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say how happy I am with both your excellent service, once again, and of course, the bass.

I think the best way i can describe things is this: A year ago I bought from you the MarkBass F500 and a couple of Bergantino cabinets. Now, while there was no doubting the quality, I really struggled to adapt and find the sound I had in my head, one that had a powerful lows and yet a crispness to cut through the mix if required. I remember you telling me how many bass amplifiers these days are really like PA or HIFI systems, super clear and transparent to allow the instrument to really come through rather than the amp. Well, guess what, with this bass through my amp (now returned to all flat) the amp has transformed into just what I want. Of course, it's not the amp, it's the bass :-)

While I still have a way to go in terms of harnessing the wide array of tones to be captured, I feel confident that (having played two gigs in two nights with the bass) the significant cost for this instrument (which was daunting of course) is worth it, no question.

Thank you for your help and patience, and for stocking and believing in instruments such as Xotic. Without people like you, the UK bass community would be deprived of such options.

Jamie Brewster
Freelance Bass Player, Manchester

Submitted on the 19th December 2010 by Oskar from Slovakia who purchased an Exotic XJ 1T 5 lefthanded  bass.

Hi Mark,

the bass is here!!!

It' s unbelievable instrument!

It is clearly the best bass I have ever played.

We did some comparison with my friends Fodera and F bass VF5 and Xotic killed both with playability and sound.

I can put all my 11 basses somewhere deep in basement:-)))

I am really very happy.

By the way, my friend wants to buy It as well...

have a beautiful xmas.

my best wishes



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