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TWO NOTES C.A.B. M - amplifier simulator pedal

£269.00 inc FREE UK shipping

Microphones and speaker cabinets are too much of a hassle some days. Instead, plug in and play with the Two Notes Torpedo CAB M emulator pedal. Get authentic, iconic guitar cab sounds from a an easy-to-use stompbox. 


Lugging around heavy equipment is a price we pay for pure guitar tone. The Torpedo CAB M, however, cuts out all the frustrations of mic'ing a cab and sounds great too. You can customise your sound from a choice of 32 pre-loaded virtual cabs, eight microphones and eight room options. Whatever style of music you play or cab you'd like to emulate, you can achieve it. 


Simply run your guitar signal, effects chain or amp speaker output into the CAB M and hook up this nifty pedal to an audio interface or mixer to get the magic going. Control all the parameters from the clearly-lit CAB M screen or use Torpedo remote software on your smartphone or PC. That way you can dial in your tone before you even leave for the venue.

Not enough space at home? A real speaker cabinet to loud? The CAB M has a headphones output for quiet sessions and aux in so you can play along to backing tracks at the same time. Complete with ground lift switch to remove all electrical interference hum.


  1. Instr/Line Input: connect your guitar and pedal FX units or your amp's speaker output.

  2. Speaker Output: connect your cabinet here when plugging your amp into the Amp In.

  3. In Level: 3 gain settings (-24, 0, +12 dB) to adjust the input level.

  4. USB: control the unit via PC through the Remote software.

  5. Power: connect the included power supply.

  6. Headphones output.

  7. Aux In: play along backing tracks from an external source.

  8. Ground Lift: switch to eliminate ground loops.

  9. DI Out: balanced XLR output to connect to a mixer or an audio interface.

  10. Line Out: balanced Jack output (TRS) to connect to a mixer or an audio interface.


Tel: 01926 886433