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Elf 250 200w Amplifier  £250 inc UK shipping

208 Cabinet 2 x 8” Cabinet  £525 - Call to order

110 cabinet 1 x 10” Cabinet  £299 - Call to order

Transit B Preamp pedal  £369 inc UK shipping

Add £20 EU shipping per item (outside UK)

ELF Ultra Compact Bass Amplifier

Good things come in small packages, and now Trace Elliot® can add "small yet powerful" to that saying with the introduction of the ELF bass amplifier. Weighing just 1.6 pounds, this revolutionary amp is small enough to fit in your back pocket. The ELF’s remarkable technology and size make it the most portable, gig-worthy amplifier ever made. It’s an ideal solution for any bassist who is concerned with size and weight, but isn’t willing to compromise on tone or performance.


  1. Extremely portable 1.60 lb (0.73Kg)

  2. Dimensions: W = 6.75" (17.1 cm) D = 4.10" (10.4 cm) H= 1.35" (3.4cm)

  3. 200W continuous into 4 ohms / 130W continuous into 8 ohms

  4. Wide range input gain control with signal level indicator

  5. 3-band rotary equalizer that emulates the response of classic Trace Elliot multi-band graphic EQ filters

  6. Ultra-high preamp input impedance (>10meg ohms) for maximum sensitivity when using passive pickups

  7. Post EQ balanced XLR DI output with ground lift for sending classic Trace Elliot tone to a mixing console or recording device

  8. 1/4" (6.35mm) headphone output for quiet practice

  9. Includes gig bag

Transit™ B Bass Pre-amp & Effects - In stock now

The Transit™ B pedal is a professional grade preamp for the discerning bassist. Built-in tools for tone shaping like Pre-shape, 5 band semi-parametric EQ and dual band Compressor are easy to use and easy to tweak on the fly. Features like Drive with blend control and built-in bass enhancement add to the tonal options available. The back-lit control panel becomes the chromatic tuner for accurate tuning. Built-in Pre and Post XLR balanced output, dry output and headphone output give the user the ins and outs they need.


  1. Color coordinated backlit controls

  2. Passive/Active switch

  3. Pre-shape switch for the classic Trace Elliot EQ curve

  4. Drive control with blend knob, footswitchable

  5. 5 band semi-parametric EQ with defeat switch

  6. Dual band compressor with defeat switch

  7. Mute/Tune switch

  8. Built-in chromatic tuner

  9. Input Gain and Output Level controls

  10. Line level, instrument level and dry outputs

  11. Pre and Post balanced XLR outputs with Ground Lift

  12. Aux input

  13. Phones output

  14. Dimensions (pedal only): 312mm W x 114mm D x 58.4mm H (12.3" W x 4.5" D x 2.3" H)

  15. Weight: 1.18 kg/2.6 lbs

Trace Elliot 2x8 Cab

Destined to be an instant classic, the Trace Elliot ELF 2x8 cabinet provides pristine, full-range bass reproduction in a small, lightweight package. The 2x8 cab features two 8" Faitel drivers and includes dual parallel input jacks, so using two cabinets with the ELF is easy. Designed to complement Trace Elliot's revolutionary 200W rms ELF amplifier, the durable painted cabinet also features an indention on the top that fits the ELF perfectly, keeping the amplifier in place. The recessed top handle doubles as a convenient way to route the speaker cables.


  1. Pristine full-range bass reproduction

  2. Two 8”, 16 Ohm high efficiency neodymium full-range drivers

  3. 400W (rms) power handling

  4. Durable painted cab

  5. Dual paralleled Speakon/phono combo input jacks

  6. Recessed top rear handle

  7. Built-in cradle for ELF bass amp

  8. Heavy duty metal grille

  9. Dimensions: 10.3”W x 21.2”H x 12.3”D

  10. Weight: 27 lbs

Trace Elliot 1x10 Cab

The Trace Elliot ELF 1x10 cabinet has the features the modern bass player is looking for. The perfect companion to the revolutionary 200W rms Trace Elliot ELF amplifier, the 1x10 cab uses a premium Eminence driver and dual parallel inputs that make it easy to use two cabinets with the ELF. A recessed cradle on top fits the ELF perfectly and keeps the amplifier in place. The durable painted cab also features an inset top handle that comes in handy when routing the speaker cables.


  1. Angled baffle

  2. One 10”, 8 Ohm high efficiency neodymium full-range driver

  3. 300W (rms) power handling

  4. Durable painted cab

  5. Dual paralleled Speakon/phono combo input jacks

  6. Recessed top rear handle

  7. Built-in cradle for ELF bass amp

  8. Heavy duty metal grille

  9. Dimensions: 12.0”W x 12.5”H x 14.0”D

  10. Weight: 16.2 lbs


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