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Tech 21 2112 Preamp 2019 unit + QSCPLX1804 Power Amp


£250 for QSC plus rack case + £10 shipping

  1. Please contact the shop to pay by Bank Transfer or finance

  2. Pre-owned amp, preamp and rack case all in superb condition.

Tech 2112 Bass Preamp

Geddy Lee has been performing without onstage amps and speakers since the Test for Echo Tour in 1996, favouring major household appliances instead. Known for using a variety of gear to create interesting layered tones, Geddy has included the SansAmp RBI and/or the SansAmp RPM in his rig since 2001.

Wanting to streamline and simplify his gear for new projects, Geddy partnered with Tech 21 to design a signature SansAmp, the GED-2112. This challenging collaboration involved distilling a rackload of equipment into a single rackspace. It resulted in a new format for Parallel Pre-Amping — having two separate internal pre-amps that run in parallel.

The Drive pre-amp section is based upon the versatile SansAmp RPM, for a wide range of sonic possibilities. The Deep pre-amp section offers low end boost for thick, meaty tones. Saturation goes from clean in lower settings to increased harmonics and tube-like compression in higher settings. To keep things lean and efficient, the EQ curve is pre-set to Geddy’s personal specs. You can use either section independently or blend them externally direct to a mixing board as well as to two amplifiers.

Unconventional? Unorthodox? Unique? You betcha.

  1. 1Geddy Lee (Rush) signature model

  2. 2Two separate, completely analogue preamps: deep and drive

  3. 3Blend control

  4. 4Semi-parametric 3-band EQ (170 Hz to 3.0 kHz cut/ boost 12 dB) with Geddy Lee's preferred voicing

  5. 5Balanced and unbalanced outputs separately for both preamps

  6. 6Tuner output

  7. 7Effects loop

  8. 8Back inputs A and B with -20 dB input pad and A/B switch on th front panel

QSC PLX1804 Lightweight Power Amplifier

The QSC PLX1804 power amplifier is part of QSC's PLX Series -- a range of premium-quality, high-power amplifiers designed for the most demanding live performance uses. Built on the third generation of QSC PowerLight technology, PLX1804 amplifiers combine light weight, superlative audio quality and proven QSC reliability.


- Cooling design exhausts hot air out the front, keeping the rack cool

- Flow-through heat sinks require no filters that could become clogged

- Front panel LED power, clip, -10 dB, and signal present indicators for system monitoring and troubleshooting

-Speakon NL-4 output connectors provide a positive-locking speaker connection. Ch 1 output uses all - 4 wires for single-cable connection to bi-amplified speakers

- 21-position front-panel gain controls for precise, repeatable amplifier adjustment

- Balanced XLR inputs with parallel TRS connectors accommodate all common input connectors and support loop-through operation

- Patented PowerLight power supply technology with other patents pending

PLX2 Performance

The compact PLX1804 brings the same performance and technology of the PLX "02" models to applications that don't require bridged or 2 ohm operation. Designed to power 1 or 2 speakers from each amplifier channel (4 ohm minimum loading), this models offer a simplified feature set while retaining genuine, uncompromising PLX performance and technology. Weighing just 13 pounds (5.9 kg), these "plug-and-play" amplifiers are perfect for ultra-portable rigs, as well as reference-quality playback.


The PLX1804 amplifier has the refined, rugged good looks usually associated with high performance racing cars, competition bikes, professional power tools, and high power machinery. A solid, cast-aluminum front panel adds professional style to any rack while also acting as an integral I-beam, rigidly tying the chassis together for years of on-the-road reliability.

Additional mechanical touches such as the side stiffening rails, rear rack ears and cable tie anchor points attest to QSC's years of experience and attention to detail. QSC has even designed the integrated front handles so the amplifier slides into a rack without scraping the installers fingers on the rack sides. The exterior appearance of the PLX1804 amplifier conveys what's inside -- simply and truly, 13 pounds of the most advanced professional power amp on the planet.

PowerLight Technology

PowerLight switchmode technology replaces a large, heavy AC transformer (typically 20 lbs. / 9 kg) with a highly efficient and lighter-weight active design. Conventional AC transformers provide 60 energy pulses per second. The PowerLight supply delivers 100,000 pulses per second. More pulses make it easier to provide on-demand power for the amplifier's output section. The power supply doesn't "sag" so bass notes stay full and powerful while the high end remains crisp and clean.

Audio Quality

The audio power circuitry inside the PLX1804 achieves performance normally associated with studio reference amplifiers. In order to reduce crossover distortion, precision bias tracking makes minute adjustments as amplifier temperature changes. The benefit is cleaner high-frequency and more consistent sound no matter how hard the amplifier is driven. The higher power models use QSC-exclusive class H output circuitry, a form of audio "turbocharging" that increases maximum power without affecting the basic audio quality.

Weight: 13 lbs/5.9 kg


600 watts stereo at 8 ohms

900 watts stereo at 4 ohms


Tel: 01926 886433