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TC Electronic RS 212 cab


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Staccato’51 - £1222

The bass world's response to our introduction of award winning RH450 and Classic450 has been overwhelming. Now, with the help of a true world-class bass legend, we introduce our third amp to deliver instant world-class bass tone - we are proud to present our cooperation with, Tower Of Power's Rocco Prestia on Staccato'51. Click on image to enlarge.

Think of legendary bass players and Francis Rocco Prestia features on every list. For over 40 years now Rocco's bass has been underpinning the groove for Californian funk legends Tower of Power. In that time Rocco has defined his own style and become synonymous with the much-imitated 'Finger Style Funk' that he pioneered back in the '60s and '70s.

Now TC and Rocco have joined forces to make Staccato'51 - a custom-tuned version of the RH450 that's been made to Rocco's exact specification and ear. It may look like the RH450 bass head, but the sound design is completely different and meets the demands of a legend like Rocco Prestia - both on stage and in the studio.

Rocco's sound design on Staccato'51 fits his legendary finger-muting technique like a glove. The full-bodied tone with plenty of highs and lows as well as the ultra fast precision response enhances the percussive elements of Rocco's playing to perfection.

In addition to the sheer tone shaping, Rocco has added a touch of our SpectraComp™ per-string compression to tighten the sound even more. And finally a touch of TubeTone™ brings out the growl of Staccato'51 when really digging into those low-end notes with his powerful right hand technique.

To achieve perfect tone, Rocco pairs his Staccato'51 with a stack of our RS cabinets - An RS410 and two RS212s - giving him both punch and enough low end to stand out on stage with the 10-piece Tower of Power band

Rocco used a RC410 and 2 x RC212 cabs on his recent tour.

How Rocco Prestia and TC Electronic developed the Staccato'51

Staccato'51 was created by combining the unique 'Bass Amp 2.0' capabilities of our RH450 and Rocco's decades of experience as a true bass legend. To get the sound exactly as Rocco wanted, we went through thorough tuning sessions along with countless hours of real life gigs on the road with Rocco and Tower of Power. Here's a rundown of how this unique bass amp came into being...

Rocco had been on the lookout for the ultimate bass amp. Hearing rumors about a new and very different bass amp concept – 'Bass Amp 2.0', Rocco arranged to meet with us on the Denmark leg of Tower of Power's 2009 European tour.

Rocco tried out the RH450 rig prior to the Tower of Power sound check - and liked what he heard so much that his usual rig was instantly removed from the stage the RH450 put in its place.

Shortly afterwards the idea of the customised Staccato'51 was born - Staccato because of Rocco's style of playing, '51 to represent his birth year. Next we meet with Rocco in Hollywood, to start the work on the custom tuning.

During the days of tuning, hours of intensive playing, listening and comparing was undertaken. We tested different playing styles in addition to Rocco's to make sure that the amp would work perfectly - not only for Rocco, but for any player.

Rocco took the first Staccato'51 prototype 'live' on the Japanese TOP tour (May '09). The results were extremely positive. Fine-tuning and minor tweaks finalised Staccato'51, and the rest is history.

We have worked with specialist US company Eminence to produce specific custom drivers for the RebelStack systems.

The dual-concentric placement of the HF driver inside the top woofer in both the 210 and 212 cabinets secures optimal dispersion and audio performance.

  1. TC Electronic RebelStack 212 Tech Specs

  2. Dimensions: W x H x D 356 x 664 x 500mm

  3. Weight: 22 kg / 44 pounds

  4. Power handling: 400 Watt

  5. Enclosure: 18mm plywood side panels, 18mm rounded carved hardwood corners

  6. Surface treatment: 'Anti-skid' dual component surface

  7. Porting: Dual rear porting

  8. Woofer: Eminence custom 12"

  9. Tweeter: Eminence 33mm voicecoil, titanium diaphragm

  10. Tweeter adjustment: L-pad (off - 0dB)

Rugged science

RS incorporates a rugged design with an anti-scratch finish and uses a dual-component ‘anti skid’ surface treatment to help cabinets ‘stick’ together when stacked.

Vertical Line Stacking

If you use a traditional 4 x 10" cab, you're always faced with the same problem when playing live: place the 4 x 10” on the floor and you get great bottom end but no pitch recognition. Put the 4 x 10” on a stand and you get the opposite – great pitch but no low end. The solution is to use RS210’s convenient vertical 4-driver stacking system that gives you the best of both worlds - great sound and pitch – and in a system that’s light and portable enough for you to carry from gig to gig. RS212 is a 12” version that’s as easy to stack as the RS210, and both can be used in combination, making your on-stage placement of cabinets a breeze.

Fitted cover - £25

These lightly padded 'slip-on' cabinet covers allow you to quickly and effectively cover and protect your cabs during transportation. The cabinet covers are designed in a rugged nylon fabric and include cut-outs for easy access to cabinet handles.

Rehearsal inputs

Playing any instrument on its own can be a little dull, but everyone needs time to practice, which is why RH450 has rehearsal inputs. This rear panel-mounted feature allows you to plug in your iPod, phone, computer or MP3 player via the supplied mini-jack to RCA cable adapter for easy practising and playing along with recorded music. The headphone amp is a high quality model taken straight from TC Electronics Studio Konnekt 48 and includes a speaker filter on the bass signal.

Integrated Tuner

Every bass player needs a tuner, but virtually no other amp offers anything other than a ‘tuner out’ feature… until now. Simply push the Mute button to get a full-resolution tuner ‘light ring’ to help you tune your instrument quickly and accurately. You can also use the Rebel-Control for easy remote access to this functionality.

On board User Memories

With the 3 user memories on Staccato’51 you can easily switch between, for example, your 4- and 5-string basses, or your Rickenbacker and Fender Jazz. Just plug in the bass and use the ‘car radio’ style Store & Recall controls to easily switch between presets for your chosen model. There are three bass user memories, remote control access and visual indicators for Mute and the Tuner.

Flexible Tone Control

Straightforward controls like you know them from traditional amps. Voiced by Rocco Prestia to give you plenty of tweaking options to nail the perfect tone. Chances are that this is all you’re ever gonna need. However, if you’re not fully satisfied with the default frequency areas, fear not - we’ve given you the option to change the focus of each of the tone controls through semi parametric access through the shift button.


emulates all characteristics of both the pre- and power amp to deliver the full tube sound. Staccato’51 uses the TubeTone™ to add the growl when really diggin’ in.

Spectra Comp™

Most bass players know that integrated compressors generally don’t sound that good. A regular compressor tends to be dominated by the lower string, but Staccato’51’s SpectraComp™ technology allows virtually ‘per string’ multi-band compression that evens out the compression across all strings - Rocco adds a touch of SpectraComp™ to tighten up his sound.


World Ready power supply

The ultimate in convenience for the travelling musician. The built-in power supply operates from 90 to 240 Volts, making life a lot easier for anyone on the road as there’s no complicated fuse changing – just plug and play!


Digital Recording output

The AES/EBU connector means you can record straight into your DAW, such as

Pro Tools or Logic. For maximum flexibility it’s also S/PDIF compatible and switchable from pre to post in the pre-amp section.


Integrated DI box

Quality can vary wildly with built-in DIs, but RebelHead450’s DI is transformer balanced and galvanically isolated from the rest of the amp, which means no ground loops or hum. And don’t worry about long cable runs – RebelHead450 will draw at least 100m of cable with zero drop in audio quality.




Power Handling

The 450w high power output level of RebelHead is accomplished by using Class D amplifier technology in combination with TC Electronics Active Power Management™. APM effectively means that the amp behaves very much like a tube amp when getting close to maximum performance by optimising the power impact, contrary to the hard-clipping tendencies of transistor amps and most other Class D

Tech Specs

•Input Section

•Input connector 1/4" jack

•Input impedance 1 Mohm / 100 pF

•Gain range -96 to 32dB

•Tone control

•Bass Centre Freq: 280Hz (range: 71-1120Hz, Gain: +15/-24dB)

•Low Mid Centre Freq: 400Hz (range: 100-1600Hz, Gain: +15/-24dB)

•High Mid Centre Freq: 800Hz (range: 200-3150Hz, Gain: +15/-24dB)

•Treble Centre Freq: 1600Hz (range: 400-6300Hz, Gain: +12/-24dB)

•Tube Tone 0 to 12, Tube amp Recreation

•Spectra Comp 3 band Spectral Compression

•Pre-set Level -12 dB to 0 gain attenuation

•User Memories 3 memory locations storing all front panel controls except Mute & Master Level

•Tuning range Chromatic, constant on A0 (27.50Hz) to E5 (659.26Hz)

•Mute Mutes speaker out, Phones out and

•Master Level Headphone output Studio quality headphone amp

•Impedance 40 to 600 Ohm

•Mains supply Universal 100 - 240V 50/60Hz (80w @ 1/8 Power)

•Speaker out Combined Speakon / 1/4" jack

•Power rating 450w (800w Peak)

•Balanced output Transformer Balanced XLR, Pre/Post Pre-amp

•Max. Output +0dBu

•Optimal Load Impedance 600 Ohm

•Preamp out 1/4" Jack, Balanced Output, Max Output Level = +8dBu

•Power amp in 1/4" Jack, balanced input, impedance = 10 kOhm, Max Input Level = +8dBu

•Rehearsal input RCA, Left/Right input, fits to iPod ®

•Digital Recording out Balanced XLR, AES/EBU, (24-bit)

•Remote connection 5 pin DIN, Cable with shield

•Dimensions 275 x 290 x 66 mm / 10,8” x 11,4” x 2,6”

•Weight 4kg / 8.8 pounds

•Finish Sandblasted die-cast aluminium

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