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With a heritage dating back to 1976 Spector basses have been leaders in design and build of bass guitars for 40 years. The NS shape designed by Ned Steinberger in 1977 has been much copied but never matched! The contoured body and compact shape are pure Spector. The following is what we have physically in stock, as the UK's foremost Spector bass dealer we can supply any Spector bass, please contact us for prices and availability. Bass Direct are Europe’s premier dealer for Spector instruments.

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New Spector deluxe padded gig bag

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USA Custom Colours

Customer feedback;

Submitted on the 17th December 2018 by August in Iceland who purchased a  custom Spector Euro bass

Bass arrived today, sounds, looks and plays great. I once had a Euro 5 with EMG DC40s and these Aguilar DCB pickups are much better imo, much better midrange. I also have a USA NS-4 with the DC pickups and although they nail the old school Pantera sound the Aguilars are just much more versatile + with the Darkglass tone capsule I can cut the low mids and have that 90’s sound. But I am really pleased with our business and correspondence and would like to wish you all Happy holidays and new year.

August Thor

Submitted on the 3rd February 2016 by Bernt who purchased a purchased a Spector NS CTB bass

I have searched a lightweight shortscale fretless bass for some time and found my dream bass online on your website. Purchase and delivery was excellent. And this is really a beauty of a bass, great tonal variation, from woody to more modern. Very very happy with this Spector! Buying outside EU VAT free was no problem at all. Great shopping for bassists!

Submitted on the 18th July 2014 by Dan in Denmark who purchased a purchased an Spector NS Shorty  bass

Hi Mark. I got my spector bass today. It's amazing, fantastic sound. I am a happy man. I wood like to thank you very much  for your kindness, the last 3 month. I will be back, if you can help me with another stuff. I wish you I good summer. Again, thank you. All the best. Dan.

Submitted on the 12th May 2013 by Paul who purchased a Spector Spectorcore 5 fretless

Hi Mark. Just a quick mention that I received the Spector the day after paying for it. It's perfect and sounds amazing. Thank you for being patient with me sorting out the payment and for getting it to me so quickly and easily. Gave me chance to record with it this weekend, haven't put it down yet. 

Thanks again, Nick. 

Submitted on the 14th August 2013 by John who purchased a Spector LX4 FMTW bass guitar

Hi Mark thanks for quick post. The bass is out of world. You was so helpful. I am sure I will come back to your great online store. Many thanks, Your a true gent.

Submitted on the 19th November 2013 by Vince who purchased a Spector NXL5 string bass

Hi Mark the bass is the best bass I have ever owned for its good looks,quality build,sound,and ease to play.

Thanks once again for the deal,good service and advice I have received from you and your member of staff.Hope to do further deals with you in the very near future.



Submitted on the 15th February by Daniel who purchased a Spector Legend Custom 5 bass

When i got Bass Direct Warwick i didn't know what to expect,as soon as i walked in was greeted with great service. i tried out many different 5 string basses in in my price range and ended up with the Spector legend custom 5, wow what a bass for the money. The range of tones from that instrument was great for what i needed (for a busy function band you can dial up a classic tone to a knarly warwick type tone amazing! needless to say its perfect for the work i do thanks mark and crew!

Submitted on the 20th March by Vince in the USA who purchased a Spector Coda 5 DLX bass and stageclix pack system

Hi Mark thank you for your time and attention you gave me on my latest visit to your show room.I have now used the CODA Bass at a rehearsal a real joy to play also the Stageclix Pack wireless system worked well.I would just like say the build quality of Spector Basses Is second to none.Thanks for the deal see you soon.

Regards Vince.

Spector have been making bass guitars for famous artists since 1977. Since then Stuart Spector's select team of designers has grown in stature, often in close collaboration with many world-famous performers. Gene Simmons (KISS) commissioned several Brooklyn Era SB-1\'99 basses from Stuart in the late 1970's. Some of the modifications included a special gloss black paint job with white binding along the sides of the body. Stuart shaved down the normally bulbous horns of the SB-1 into points. In 1982 Sting favoured Spector's NS-2, and relied upon it while out on the Police's Synchronicity Tour. The NS-2 was also the weapon of choice for Jack Bruce (Cream), who favoured the instrument during his 80s solo career.

The Spector range has since become extensive and varied. In response to fans constant demand for 'a bass like theirs', Spector collaborated closely with several leading artists to create the Spector Signature range. These basses have a distinct engineering and performance pedigree - the roster includes such legends as Jason Newsted, formerly of Metallica, Ian Hill (Judas Priest), who has been playing Spector Bass guitars since 1985, and Rex Brown. From his earliest days with Pantera and later with Down, Rex has been a loyal Spector Bass player and supporter.

At the winter NAMM 2014 Spector © debuted the first of its Helium™ Series, NS™ and Forte™ basses.

These instruments utilize a unique combination of woods to achieve a great sounding bass that weighs in at a total of 7 lbs 12 oz.

The top of this neck thru body instruments wings are carved from quarter sawn sycamore obtained from salvaged logs of trees which have blown down in our local forests near Woodstock NY. The back of the body wings is reclaimed redwood that was originally harvested in California between 75 and 100 years ago and used for the construction of water tanks which are sited on top of office buildings in NYC. They have been filled with the purest NYC drinking water for all those years which continuously permeates the redwood. This soaking with the water helps to wash out all of the sugar in the cells of the wood so that it dries more completely and in a similar way to the method used traditionally for curing violin wood in Europe.

Spector Forte Basses

The final Helium™ element is a Spector © locking bridge made of aluminum with brass saddles.

The instruments possess a full warm bottom end with a unique bloom to the attack of the notes.

This construction is available in our USA NS Neck-Thru Series™ in our GrayBurst color in either matte or gloss finish, and also in our USA Forte Series™ basses in our trans black stain matte finish.

Each bass will include a special Certificate Of Authenticity signed by Stuart Spector.


CK-4 MODEL BASS FALL RELEASE - List Price £1149, offer £988 orders being taken now.

Black available October/November 2013!

Las Vegas, NV -- Spector and Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael have

collaborated on the design and creation of the Chris Kael CK-4 Signature

Model Bass Guitar.  The instrument features a "Neck-Thru the body

construction," which is carbon fibre reinforced in 3-Piece rock maple.  The

fingerboard is rosewood, designed with 24 frets.  Alongside solid maple body

wings, the instrument features a EMG(r) BT(tm) Tone Circuit and EMG(r)

P/J(tm) active pickups.  The model will be available in matte black or matte

white with black hardware.  A Knuckle-Head / brass knuckle plate in black is

designed for the white model, while the feature is chrome for the black

model.  The plate is removable.

Kael has performed with Spector basses for many years.  He shares: "Having

played Spector long before joining Five Finger Death Punch, I am extremely

happy to now be in a position to collaborate with them on the design of the

new Chris Kael CK-4 Signature Model.  Combining the playability and feel of

Spector with the tone of the EMG P/J pickups and the attitude of the brass

knuckle bridge, this is the bass I've always wanted.  One man.  One beard.

One bass.  Spector, Son."  


Tel: 01926 886433

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