Spector Euro 4 LT Black Fade Gloss, 2020, Second Hand and Ex-demo Bass Guitar Stock:: For sale, UK, EU, Birmingham, Manchester, London USA


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Spector Euro 4 LT Black Fade Gloss, 2020

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  2. A secondhand 2020 bass in immaculate 9.95/10 condition cleaned and set up and has a Spector gig bag. Very light home use, only a few months old. (list £2399)

  3. Weight: 8lb/3.6KG

Actual bass shown, please click on images to enlarge;

The original 1977 design by Ned Steinberger that has been copied by some of the World's largest bass companies but never bettered. Buy the original and best, hand crafted by Spector's European division, these are top flight basses worthy of serious consideration. The Europe Series™ Neck-Thru basses are our best value for money. Outstanding workmanship and quality is combined with top-quality components and materials, resulting in one of the best-made electric bass guitars available.

The Euro4LX™ is our most popular Europe Series™ Model.  Dynamic tonal range matched with outstanding balance and design, this SPECTOR® can be heard in just about every genre of music. The Europe Series™ version of the powerhouse USA Series™ NS4, this bass is a force to be reckoned with.

Our Euro4LX is the production version of our USA handcrafted NS-2.

Since 1993 we have been producing world class basses at our Czech Republic factory.

EuroLX exclusive features include body wings made of USA figured maple over European alder with a slice of walnut between (less weight than solid maple wings), zinc brass alloy bridge (brass tone without

the solid brass bridge weight), and a standard rosewood fingerboard (full tone).

Check one out for yourself and see why so many of our artists record and tour the world with a Euro bass.



WOOD : 3pc Maple

With Graphite Rods inside for additional strength


Rosewood, with our mother of pearl Crown Inlays®



RADIUS : 16"

WIDTH AT NUT : 1.64"


NECK PICKUP :  Fishman Fluence Soapbar

BRIDGE PICKUP : Fishman Fluence Soapbar


CONTROLS : bridge pickup volume, neck pickup volume, treble, bass cut/boost, three way pickup voicing switch

Based on Fishman’s convention-disrupting Fluence Core technology, a single bass pickup can now produce multiple timbres and sounds, each untethered from the other. Original and totally re-imagined, Fluence Multi-Voice pickups for electric bass are free from the hum, noise and frustrating inductance issues that plague even the most coveted wire-wound pickups, revealing pure, uncorrupted bass tone.

Like all Fluence pickups, the Bass Soapbar pickups are multi-voice and can be powered by a Fluence rechargeable battery pack or a standard 9-Volt battery.

Fluence Bass Soapbar pickups can be split for single coil operation with a Jazz Bass string window. Also, the included Treble and Bass controls can be used to further expand the tonal palette.

Voicings for the Fluence Bass Soapbar pickup were created to offer players a wide palette of sounds that cover all playing styles.

• Voice 1 (Passive): Classic, fat and round

• Voice 2 (Active): Full frequency, full dynamics

• Voice 2 (Active with mid contour): Funk, Hi-Fi scooped


Our original NS curved and carved body shape

WOOD : Alder/Spalted maple


BRIDGE : Spector zinc brass alloy locking, 

with intonation screws


STRAP BUTTONS : Schaller locking

Brass Nut


D'Addario XL-170 nickel

  1. *The Spector TonePump® Active Bass and Treble control is provided by means of 2 continuously variable controls. There are no center detents on these controls. In that way, you are in control rather than having “normal tone” dictated to you. Slightly rolling in a touch on both the Treble and the Bass control will provide a flat frequency response. Continuing clockwise, the Spector TonePump® will provide 18 dB boost in both the Bass and Treble range. We have “A/B’d” the TonePump® against all of the major bass “pre’s” in the market and have found that it offers greater headroom, gain, and control that anything out there. The Spector TonePump® is a 9 vDC circuit and is our most aggressive preamp to date.


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