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Skjold (pronounced - Should) are one of the most exciting basses in the USA at the moment, and are the instrument of choice for session ace Damian Erskine and bass virtuoso David Dyson both of whom now have their own custom models. Each instrument is hand made by Pete Skjold and the total amount of basses produced is around 50 per year with an twelve month waiting list, making each a unique masterpiece. We are working closely with this talented luthier in creating some of the most exciting basses available today. Call us for a demo on any of these basses or if wish to discuss a custom order.

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Bass Musician Magazine Review by Jake Wolf 11/11/10

Skjold Design 6-String Fretless

Peter Skjold (pronounced Shold) has spent almost twenty years as a professional bass player and has been been on the constant quest for the most tonally versatile and playable musical instruments available. This ultimately led him to design and commission his own basses in 1992. By 1996, Peter was making saw dust and refining what would become the “Standard ‘92” design. He now builds a full line of custom handmade basses in his shop in Ohio.

Bass Musician Magazine Video Review of the
Skjold Design 6-String Fretless Bass by Reviewer
Jake Wolf.

These basses have been custom built for Bass Direct by Pete Skjold in the USA. Each has been hand crafted to the highest specifications. Featuring custom hardware, electronics and pickups each of the basses is unique. Pete Skjolds' reputation is second to none and his basses rank with the best. With less than 50 basses a year being built by Skjold, each one one is a unique masterpiece

The basses all feature a "zero fret" for added clarity on open strings and improved intonation. The split coil pickups have all the bite and depth of a single coil pickup but are hum-cancelling. Each pickup is perfectly voiced; the bridge pickup having plenty of depth and cut, the neck pickup having a nice growl and fullness. The East/Skjold custom preamps are smooth, quiet and deliver exactly what a bass player requires; great tone! The necks are very comfortable and easy to play, with impeccable fretwork and set-ups.

Here is really nice audio clip of a Pro '92 6 string courtesy of Will Greer; Show me Will Greer.mp3

Here is a you tube clip of David Dyson on his Skjold; Dave Dyson live

Hand made strings from the USA - designed by top USA luthier Pete Skjold, they come in Stainless steel or Hybrid Stainless/Nickel mix.

Above is a picture of the Skjold Family of Basses

From L - R

'92, '92, '92, Offset '92, Offset '92, Lions Pride B, Lions Pride A

This clearly shows how much smaller the '92 and '92 offset bodies are compared to the regular sized Lions pride "Fender" sized bodies.

Submitted on the 5th December  2013 by Paul who purchased a Dingwall SB1 5 bass and Skjold SS5 fretless bass

You wouldn't believe how 1 visit to Mark's shop has completely changed my basses, amps, cabs and pedals in just over 12 months.
Last year I popped in to the shop to see what it was all about and soon realised that my collection of SWR amps & cabs, Warwicks, Alembics, Musicman's were just not hitting the right note anymore. I no longer have the back breaking, tone mushing SWRs but a Genz Benz and Vanderkly rig (that reviews already on here somewhere) but then I purchased a Dingwall AB1 and recently a Pete Skjold Fretless.

The Dingwall AB1 5 string. These are amazing basses. Don't let the fanned frets put you off, these are easy to play and you get used to it within minutes. These are well built and long gigs are not an issue due to their light weight. The controls are simple , vol, pickup and passive tone but the clarity of the instrument means you hear everything including those bum notes. My most complimentary comment with this bass was from a sound engineer who put me on solo (in his headphones) for the entire gig because it sounded so good !!.

The Pete Skjold Slayer 5 string Fretless.
A recent purchase but having been looking for a new fretless bass for a while, this was one of those that 'I'll give it a go' ....even if I couldn't pronounce his name. I've heard of Pete before through Damian Erskine's video's.
This has to be the best fretless I have ever played and a proper hidden gem. Its one of those fretless basses you can have FUN with. The range of sounds are just 'there' and uses a East style P-Retro for getting out those mids....'cause playing a fretless is ALL about the mids!'. The bass is lightweight, versatile, stunning to look at and built to a high quality, Its difficult to put it down!

To summarise the last 12 months...
In today's world of the Internet you can order anything from the comfort of your armchair. In these cases, a bass is more than just an item on a website along site your grocery shopping, clothing, kitchen appliances, etc. These are 'works of art' built by people with a passion , detail & vision, that in the end benefit people like you & me.
We need to get up off our armchairs, hold, play, listen and feel the instruments Mark promotes and maybe realise that with it, comes a new approach to inspiration and playing.

I feel I won't be seeing Mark for a while as I have no more basses to sell to fund any new purchases but have absolutely no reservations in recommending Mark to anyone who is looking for something 'different' in all things bass!.
Mark...we salute you!

Steve, Derby

Submitted on the 21st August 2013 by Antonio who purchased a Skjold SS6 bass guitar

Hi Mark.

Skjold bass is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!  J

Thanks again and again.

Best regards.



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