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Estimated shipping costs - prices can vary so please contact us;

Prices are for Bass Guitar shipping, standard service (express shipments POA). We can also arrange collection from many countries, please ask for details.

Please check with your countries customs agency as import charges will be charged when importing from outside your country.

PRICES FROM - rates will vary and we will always try and get you the best price possible.

We can also offer express shipping on most routes for an extra cost.

BREXIT: Please note, all purchases from the EU will now have the UK VAT of 20% deducted and you will pay the local rate of VAT - there are no additional taxes to be added.

Mainland UK -  £12

N Ireland - £20

Rep of Ireland - £20

Highlands/Islands UK - from £25

EU (Mainland) Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium Spain, Portugal, Italy. Austria, Luxembourg,  Netherlands-  from £40

Europe outside EU - Norway, Switzerland, Gibraltar - £55

EU (Islands) -  Malta, Cyprus - £75

EU (extended area) £40, Finland (some areas), Sweden (some areas)

Australia - £135

Canada - £100

Hong Kong - £135

Egypt - £140

Israel - £135

Iceland - £60

Japan - £135

New Zealand - £160

Serbia - £100

Singapore £135

South Korea - £150

South Africa - £150

Thailand - £130

Taiwan - £135

Turkey -  £60

USA Mainland £100

Please contact us for other countries not listed

Direct Bank Transfer: US Customers Only

Account Holder: WiseBusiness FBO Bass Direct Limited (important to get this correct).

Account No: 8310186095

Wire Transfer No: 026073008

Routing No (ACH or ABA): 026073150

Bank Code (SWIFT / BIC): CMFGUS33

Bank: Community Federal Savings Bank, New York

The best way to pay us from outside the UK is with Wise Business.

TransferWise: Credit Cards & Online 'Express' Payments

Please note: You must send payment via TransferWise only.

Details unsuitable for direct bank transfer.

Sign up for free at:

How to send a TransferWise "Borderless" Payment

1a. Set up a TransferWise account.

1b. You may need to add some minimal funding to your balance in order to have TransferWise “fast-track” the account verification process.

2. Select "Activity" from the LHS menu.

3. Click "Send Money".

4. Select the invoice currency from the drop-down menu, in the "Recipient gets" field. Enter the total invoice amount.

5. Select your domestic currency from the drop-down menu, in the "You send" field. The system will display the funds amount that you will need to send from your physical bank account, more on this later…

6. Press continue.

7. Select "Business or Charity" from the "New recipient" menu.

8. Enter the Bass Direct registered email address, ""

9. Enter the business name "Bass Direct Limited".

9. Uncheck "I know their bank details".

11. Click confirm.

  1. 12.Next the system will instruct you to send funds to a domestic bank account held by Wise Business. Once received, TransferWise will convert the currency and route the payment to us.

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