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Sadowsky USA NYC Modern 4-24 Macassar Ebony, 2014

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  3. A used bass in super 9/10 condition with some light marks on the bass of the bass with case cleaned and set up. Features chambered okume mahogany body and ebony fingerboard.

  4. List price: £7500

  5. Weight: 7lb 11oz/3.5kg


Body - Okoume Mahogany chambered

Top - Macassar Ebony

Neck - Masple with thin Nitro finish

Nut width -1 1/2”

Fingerboard - Ebony, 12” radius

Fingerboard radius - 12”, 24fret

Pickguard - NA

Pickups - Sadowsky Soapbars

Preamp - Sadowsky, 2 band, VTC

Bridge - Sadowsky, high mass

Tuners - Hipshot Ultralight

Case - Custom deluxe Gig bag

4-String Basses | Overview

THE SADOWSKY BASS is the result of our years of experience working with the finest professional guitarists and bassists in New York and around the world. It is our opinion that the most important factor affecting the sound of solid body instruments is the acoustic quality of the wood. The better a guitar sounds acoustically, the better it always sounds, no matter what pickups, electronics, or amplification are used.

The wood for Sadowsky instruments is carefully selected for acoustic resonance, light weight, and beautiful grain. Our basses are made from select alder, southern swamp ash, and figured maple tops laminated to swamp ash or alder.

We follow our wood selection with thin, durable finishes and construct our instruments using the highest quality components available. Most of our pickups are custom Sadowsky designs, as are our active onboard circuits. We are continuously developing new or improved components for the instruments and appreciate the contributions of our distinguished endorsers to our research and development program. The result is a professional instrument that transcends what is available in music stores.

The Sadowsky Bass is available in a slightly undersized J-styled body with a rear control cavity. The 21-fret maple neck is available with maple, morado or other premium wood fingerboards. We also offer a full-size P and J body in our Ultra-Vintage Series.

Our custom made Sadowsky pickups are humcancelling and employ a vintage-style magnetic structure for superior tone. These pickups have a nice tight bottom which cuts through extremely well, especially in large concert settings. They are available in J/J or P/J configurations. We offer a vintage style J-bass single coil as well. Our active tone circuit offers independent treble and bass tone controls with frequency centers at 4kHz and 40Hz respectively. This is the same preamp that Marcus Miller said “gave me that Marcus Miller sound!”

The Sadowsky Preamp is extremely reliable and provides long battery life with low noise operation.

Features and Models

Alder body, solid colors, sunburst: An alder body, with a morado fingerboard is recommended to the player looking for a bass with the character of an early ’60s J-style bass. Matching headstocks are also available.

Swamp ash body, solid, sunburst or transparent finishes: A swamp ash body with a maple neck is the bass of choice for the player desiring that ’70s J-style “Marcus Miller” sound.

Bent maple top/swamp ash body, various sunbursts and transparent finishes: Our most beautiful bass, equally at home with a morado or maple fingerboard, similar sound to swamp ash. We offer quilt, flame or spalted maple.

All models are available in Vintage Style, which includes a pickguard and control plate.

Ultra-Vintage J and Ultra-Vintage P

Not just vintage—Ultra-Vintage!  Designed to combine the nicest features of an Early ’60s instrument with everything you’ve come to expect from a Sadowsky. These basses feature full-sized bodies. Necks feature a 9″ radius, 20 frets, spokewheel truss rod adjuster and rare Rosewood fingerboards.


Tel: 01926 886433

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