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Dingwall Super J4  Quilted Maple top


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  1. Weight: 7lb 13oz/3.5kg

  1. The Super J is Dingwall guitars interpretation of the Classic J style bass, they deconstructed the original design, kept what worked and improved on everything else. The look and feel lean toward the traditional, but the tone and performance are everything you’d expect from a Dingwall. Dingwall downsized the scale 2” from their standard scale range for a faster attack and quicker, punchier decay. The results are great clarity on the E and A-strings with a big and warm quality to the D and G-strings.

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  1. Alder Body with tone chambers**

  2. Quilted Maple X top with wenge laminate - £1000 option

  3. Maple neck - satin finish

  4. Wenge fingerboard - 34.25" - 32" scale

  5. Quilt Maple inlays - £350 option

  6. Novax® Fanned -Fret System™

  7. 2 x  FDV pickups

  8. Volume, Pickup selector, tone,

  9. Chrome Custom Bridge, Chrome Hipshot ultralight tuners - £120 option

  10. Dingwall USA strings - buy HERE

  11. Gig bag and tools

A truly superb take on the classic jazz bass. With impeccable build quality and the highly intuitive fan frets this bass plays beautifully. The scale length is 34.25" on the E string and 32" on the G string giving the G a full and punchy tone with great consistency of string tension and tone from the E to the G. The electronics are smooth and responsive and the general tone is that of the classic Jazz bass but more modern and precise. This is another fine example of Dingwall's work and deserves serious attention. Call us for a demo.


The Afterburner I and ABZ basses feature passive electronics with powerful tone shaping capability. The controls are a simple, no nonsense master volume, a rotary pickup selector and a master tone. The rotary pickup selector doesn’t load down the pickups like a blend or second volume control. The resulting tone has great dynamic range with lots of punch. The tone gets really growly with the bridge pickup soloed. Switch to both pickups in parallel for a nicely “produced” sounding tone with scooped mids that’s great for sitting back in the mix with lots of detail to the note, or for a perfect slap tone. Need more power? Switch to series for a heavy, full sounding humbucker tone that cuts, make that pounds through a mix. Looking for a deep mellow tone reminiscent of a 50’s P? Solo the neck pickup, dial down the tone a bit and you’re there.


Alder is the traditional wood for the J style bass. It can’t be beat for a traditional warm tone. Due to the internal tone chambers of in the Super J body we add a bookmatched Alder top. This gives the natural finishes a nicer look too.

Optional upgrade – Swamp Ash

Swamp Ash is a great option for those who would like a little less mid presence in their tone. It has a very distinctive grain pattern. Due to internal tone chambers in the Super J body we add a bookmatched Northern Ash top specially cut for maximum grain pattern. Northern Ash has a stronger grain pattern than Swamp Ash guaranteeing a stunning looking top.


We use 18% hard nickel silver fretwire.  Lee Sklar turned us onto the benefits of small frets. The advantages are a more woody, less metallic tone, smoother glissandos and a faster feel.  Our standard size is “banjo” size.  This is the same size as you’d find on most guitars from the 50’s and 60’s. Although its size is smaller than standard bass fretwire, its service life is about the same.


We take neck construction very seriously due to our extensive experience in guitar repairs coupled with our geographic location and corresponding extreme climate.  In my years in the guitar repair business I constantly had to deal with humidity related problems made worse by the huge temperature and humidity swings of our local climate. Many of these problems could have been minimised through simple design changes and materials choices.

Touring musicians are constantly amazed at how stable Dingwall instruments are.  Many state that their Dingwall necks are as stable as their graphite necked instruments.

We’ve experimented with many different laminations and have found a 5-piece maple construction to be among the best. Years of experience have proven this design to be extremely stable and reliable while minimising dead spots.


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