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Rodenberg  LDP Deluxe Overdrive

£199.00 free UK shipping


  1. For BASS
    • Low Gain Overdrive - High Gain Overdrive - Boost (Clean Boost)
    • 100% handcrafted in Germany • 3 year warranty

  2. Player:
    Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Tim Levebvre ...

    Other companies need a lot of buttons for a good sound, we only need 3 for each overdrive pedal and 2 for the clean boost pedal. From slightly distorted bass with tube sound character to completely distorted - no problem for the LDP (OD/CB). The overdrive pedals (Low Gain and High Gain) have two separate deep boost (toggle switches) to push the lower frequencies without getting muddy. The clean boost with deep boost (toggle switch) gives a lot of pressure to the sound and up to +20 dB (toggle switch) output level. From sweet to neutral to funky, the clean boost active tone control does it all. The new LDP DELUXE is just 5.7 inch wide! Three completely different sounds => one pedal for a professional bass sound.

  3. The new SL-OD is just 5.7 inch wide! LDP DELUXE = LOW DOWN PRESSURE!



  1. Three completely separate pedals in one box

  2. Overdrive Low Gain with toggle switch for deep boost

  3. Controls: Level, Tone, Drive

  4. Overdrive High Gain with toggle switch for deep boost

  5. Controls: Level, Tone, Drive

  6. Boost (Clean boost) with 2 toggle switches for deep boost and +20dB level boost

  7. Controls: Level, Tone

  8. Locked toggle switch: Locking of the two overdrives

  9. 3x foot switches: Mechanical true bypass, (almost) no switching noises, new circuit design

  10. Jewel LED: Overdrive Low Gain = blue, overdrive High Gain = red, Boost (Clean boost) = green

  11. Input and output: 6.3 mm jack

  12. Black powder-coated aluminum box

  13. Power supply via 9-18 V power supply unit (not included, no battery operation)

  14. Handcrafted in small quantities

  15. Made in Germany

  16. Three year warranty


Tel: 01926 886433