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Pyramid Gold

Flatwound Chrome/Nickel strings for electric bass

4 string 40/55/70/100 short scale/Hofner £39

4 string 40/60/80/100 short scale/Hofner £39

4 string 40/60/80/100 long scale £39

4 string 40/55/75/105 long scale £39

4 string 45/65/85/105 long scale £39

4 string 50/70/90/110 long scale £42

5 String 40/55/75/105/120 long scale £59

5 String 45/65/85/105/126 long scale £59

4 string medium scale 40/60/80/100 long scale £39

Custom Roundwound  (silver plated, copper strings, nylon core for U bass)

4 string roundwound set for U Bass  - £33

4 string roundwound set for Solid Kala U bass  - £33

5 string roundwound set with low B for solid Kala- £40

5 string Stainless for Dingwall Long Scale: 40/60/80/100/126 - £45

Tel: 01926 886433


Pyramid Gold Pure Nickel Flat Wound Bass Strings, the ultimate musical strings. The Flat Wounds are the best of the best - without peer. The flat wounds product the original bass sound of the late 50's to mid 60's. With the flat wounds you have lower action than possible with round wound strings and also you get no finger noise.

PYRAMID Chrome-Nickel Flatwound Strings for the original sound of the Fifties and Sixties. On Long Scale Fender basses of good old rock and roll and Motown sound is "over".

The Flatwounds mounted on Framus Höfner and other short scale basses of the sixties let revive the glorious times beat again.


We are happy to produce the perfect set for your medium scale bass. Tell us here exactly the instrument designation (Gibson, Fender, etc.) and measure the length from us tailpiece to the web - and the distance from the bridge to the nut (scale).


With a scale length of 86 cm.
thick winding length from the ball end to the beginning of the thinner strings end = 92.5 cm + addition


Art.No. 640/1

(.040-.105 Record)

Art.No. 640 / A

(.045-.105 Record)

Art.No. 640 / B

(.050-.110 Record)


Art.No. 640 / 5A

(.040-.120 Record)

Art.No. 640 / 5B

(.045-.126 Record)


On request, we also Chrome Nickel strings on your bass 6 (Fender Jaguar, baritone) together.



In 1850 founded his company Anton Osmanek "A. Osmanek, musical instruments and strings factory" in Schönenbach Eger in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire of Austria-Hungary.

But before that, had the weaving industry operated in the Erzgebirge employs about 300 craftsmen of resourceful entrepreneurs. After the rapid mechanization had brought the decline of hand weaving, Anton Osmanek felt compelled to put something new on their feet.
In 1840 he turned around to trade in instruments that have been created in this space.

By marrying into an old strings Wheeler family, he came up with this production branch in touch. In addition to the shipping trade in musical instruments and accessories he now presented since 1858 also silken E strings for the violin, so-called "fifths" her. This silk strings were until 1898 a main product of the company.

The reputation of A. Osmanek was strengthened by the commercial efficiency of the three sons of the founder on.
The eldest son traveled extensively to Hungary and the Balkans in the service of a Viennese wholesale house. The vertauen in him was so great that he could thereby also promote the products of his father.

To meet the increasing demands that were created by the expanded business connections in many European and overseas countries, offices, manufacturing and warehouse in the Schönenbach had to be greatly enlarged.

The company had branches in the Hungarian Temesvár and Saxon Markneukirchen. It successfully participated in fairs and exhibitions. For the products presented there high and highest quality you received numerous awards, medals and honorary diplomas.

Karl Young began very soon the company to reorganize and put new focus on the production of musical strings. He could this be based on a sound basis, because there was already a string production.


At the beginning of the 2nd World War the company was closed "not war effort" as. After the war the company was moved under extremely difficult circumstances to Bubenreuth in Germany. It had to be completely rebuilt, which represented not only a financial, but also a personal risk for the new founder Karl Young and son Norbert Young under the uncertain post-war conditions there.

But the difficult post-war years, due to the devotion and loyalty of many foreign customers were quickly overcome and in 1953 the business was continued under the name of Charles Young Strings factory in a newly built factory building in Bubenreuth near Erlangen, Bavaria.

At the same time also again resettled pitch pipes production company Leopold Müller from Schoenbach, the father of Charles Young was incorporated into the strings factory.


From now on, the development of the company went straight up.
The company Karl Young Strings factory was established in 1983 with commercial law changed in Pyramid string and pitch pipes factory Young GmbH. The logo, trade names and logos PYRAMID is internationally protected and is used for strings and pitch pipes. The focus of production are strings for stringed and fretted instruments.

Under the name Mark PYRAMID all kinds of strings made of steel, nylon, bronze or intestines, including the strings for "exotic" musical instruments are produced.

But there are also strings for historical stringed and fretted instruments, such as produced for viols, violins Baroque, Renaissance lute, theorbo and Vihuelas.

The large knowledge and years of experience the company also makes it possible to make strings for specific customer needs.
Such individual string jobs are needed if the desired by the players materials, duels and moods vary from the standard.

The distribution of the Pyramid strings and pitch pipes within the State through retailers and importers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

For decades Pyramid is represented with a booth at the International Musikmesse in Frankfurt and since 1995 at the American NAMM SHOW in Los Angeles.

In addition, we participated in musical shows in Chicago, Melbourne, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore and Moscow. In this way, the contact with the customers from home and abroad is constantly successfully maintained and strengthened.

The Pyramid Young GmbH is now managed by managing partner Maximilian Young.