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Selectable 2ch bass preamp

The Dual Bass Station Bass Preamp features two inputs (A/B) and independent EQ-Masters for each input. When only “IN-A” is used, two different presets can be used by switching channels from A to B.

EQ Section

Both channels feature versatile 3-band equalizers that are ideal for use with a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.

Furthermore, the mid range frequency has a parametric equalizer that helps create a sound with variety.

24 volt internal circuitry

The internal circuitry is powered by a 24-volt supply, allowing the expressive dynamic range of bass guitar to come through with maximum impact and clarity.

Overwhelming sound quality

This unit is equipped with high quality components that are used solely for audio equipment to achieve ultra low noise (over S/N -95db (IHF A.W.T.D)) and low distortion rate (under 0.01%) for players that demand the best in their signal chain.

Excellent operability

The EQ's curved volume is specifically designed for linearity and usability.


  1. 1Controls: BASS, MID, MID FREQ, TREBLE, MASTER / A・B each channel, MUTE, A/B

  2. 2Connectors: Standard 1/4-inch phone jacks (IN-A, IN-B, OUT, TUNER),
     DC12V input jack

  3. 3Electrical characteristics: BASS 60Hz±14dB peaking/MID 150Hz~1kHz±14dB
     peaking/TREBLE 3kHz±14dB peaking/MASTER -∞~+10dB/Output noise level
     -95dBu or less (IHF A.W.T.D)/Harmonic distortion 0.01% or less (Output 0dBu)

  4. 4Power Supply: Supplied AC adaptor(PAP-712DCJ for North America and Japan,
     PAP-712DCE for Europe, PAP-712DCU for UK)

  5. 5Power Consumption: DC12V, 80mA

  6. 6Dimensions: 122(D)x101(W)x58(H)mm

  7. 7Weight: Approx 370 g, not incl. AC adaptor.