Nordstrand Preamps Exclusively at Bass Direct - 2 and 3 band EQ, active/passive switching for bass guitar, Bass, Treble, Mid, Passive tone, Volume, Pan controls. London, Manchester, Birmingham, USA


We do not keep all of these in stock, please contact us to make an order - there is a 4 - 8 week wait on orders.

2B - Two band preamp list;

  1. 1)2B 2 band bass preamp with 2 eq pots (2 knobs)                                  

  2. 2)2B+ - 2 band boost only circuit                                                                

  3. 3)2B-3a volume (pull passive), bass and treble   (4 knobs)                        

  4. 4)2B-4a volume (pull passive), volume, bass, treble (4 knobs)                  

  5. 5)2B-4b volume (pull passive), blend, bass and treble   (4 knobs)            

  6. 6)2B-3b volume (pull passive), blend, stacked bass and treble   (3 knobs)

  7. 7)2B-4c volume (pull passive), blend, tone, stacked bass and treble (4 knobs)   

3B - Three band preamp list;

  1. 1)3B        treble/mid/bass   

  2. 2)3B-5b   volume (pull passive), blend, tone, push/pull frequency select on mid, bass/treble stack          

  3. 3)3B-5a   volume (pull passive), blend, treble, push/pull frequency select on mid and bass             

  4. 4)3B-4a   volume/volume stack, tone ( pull passive), mid (push/pull frequency select), bass/treble stack   

  5. 5)3B-4b   volume/tone stack, blend, mid (push/pull frequency select), bass/treble stack      

  6. 6)3B-3     volume (pull passive), mid (push/pull frequency select), bass/treble stack                                   

3 band preamp specifications

  1. 1Treble: +/- 12 dB@4KHz

  2. 2Mid: +/-12 dB@1K (mid freq selector toggles between 1kHz and 400Hz)

  3. 3Bass: +/- 12 dB@50Hz

**The 2 band preamp does not come with mid EQ control.

3 band preamp specifications

  1. 1Treble: +/- 12 dB@4KHz

  2. 2Bass: +/- 12 dB@50Hz

**The 2 band preamp does not come with mid EQ control.

Technical Data:

Overall Gain is +/- 15db by a trim pot on the circuit board

Battery life is estimated near 180 hours for an alkaline 9V. Adding an additional battery to make it 18V will give more headroom and longer battery life.

Unit comes pre-wired or unwired. Potentiometers, jack and battery clips are included. Knobs are not included.

Preamp wiring instructions Prewired_installation_instructions.pdf


It provides a convenient way for players to navigate a space between the temperate and traditional character called .047uf, and its slightly more dramatic and swampier sibling called .1uf. More specifically, the .047uf allows remnants of the high end to beam through; and if perceived by the player as not so tangible.

In the case of the .1uf cap, it is the hand that yanks the Thing just beneath the bright-bound surface. Everything capitulates an electric, light-drowned mud. Dive toward the murk.

Technical Details:

  1. 250k Push-Pull Potentiometer

  2. .047uf capacitor as baseline (pushed in)

  3. .1uf capacitor on top of baseline (pulled)

  4. The rest: solder, wire, and simplicity.

We offer a full fitting service including routing for new/change of pickups, more information HERE.

Hi Mark


I  have finally got my Nordstrand preamp up and working, and it is amazing.

Terrific output, crystal clear sound all the way down, no noise.

My bass sounds awesome..


Thank You – please send Nordstrand my compliment


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Nordstrand pickups have been making waves in the bass world for several years now and to perfectly compliment these Carey Nordstrand has designed a superb preamp. The new Nordstrand preamps are available with the exact same control configurations as the original, but have a smaller size module for better space savings in your control cavity.

The new modules are epoxy sealed to provide protection to the critical components.

All configurations include preamp module, standard jack, battery clip and the pots listed with the configuration.

2B+   bass, treble       unwired                                 £130

2B-3b volume (pull passive), blend, stacked B T    £165

2B-4b vol (p/p a/p), blend, B + T                             £145

2B-4c vol (p/p a/p), blend, tone, stacked B + T      £145

2B-MM vol, T + B, (3 knobs)                                Out of stock

3B   mid, bass, treble    unwired                              £140

3B-4a   vol/vol, tone (p/p a/p), mid (p/p freq), b/t   £180

3B-4b   vol/tone, blend, mid (p/p freq), b/t stack    £160

3B-5a   vol (a/p), blend, T, mid (p/p freq) and B     £170

3B-5b   vol (a/p), blend, tone, mid (p/p freq), b/t    £170

Add Tone drop control £35

For orders outside the UK we will deduct the UK and confirm your shipping cost.


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