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Four string

MM 4.2 - single                                                 £100.00

MM 4.3                                                             £110.00

MM 4.4                                                              £120.00

Bigman 4 with ears - single                              £160.00  - OUT OF STOCK

Bigman 4 Alnico III with ears - single               £160.00

BigBladeMan 4 - single                                   £135.00

BigSplitMan 4 - single  Exposed pole             £190.00

BigSplitMan 4 - single  Closed cover              £190.00

Five String

MM 5.2 EBMM - single                                    £110.00 - Out of stock call to order

MM 5.2 EBMM, ears - single                           £110.00- Out of stock, call to order

MM 5.2  16.5mm, ears - single                        £110.00 - Out of stock, call to order

MM 5.2  Narrow, no ears - single                     £110.00

MM 5.2  wide spacing, ears - single                £110.00

MM 5.3 EBMM, No ears - single  -                   £130.00

MM 5.4  Lakland fit - single                              £130.00 - Out of stock, call to order

MM 5.4  EBMM, 16.5mm, No ears - single -    £130.00 - Out of stock, call to order

BigBladeMan 5N (no ears)- single                 £155.00

BigBladeMan 5W (with ears)- single              £155.00

Bigman 5 Ernie ball, no ears 17.5mm - single  £185.00

BigSplitman 5 Ernie ball, ears 17.5mm - single  £220.00 - Out of stock, call to order

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Nordstrand MM4.2/MM5.2

        This pickup is an accurate reproduction of an early pre-Ernie Ball® Music Man® pickup. It uses the same wire, the same magnets, and has the same DC resistance. As a result, it sounds just like the early Music Man® basses that are so widely coveted. Includes black cover (exposed pole pieces).

MM4.2 Sound Clips here


The MM4.3 will drop into a Music Man® Sterling® or other 3-way switched installation, and features a dummy coil on the bottom for silent single coil mode. Like the MM4.2, the MM4.3 features Alnico V magnets and Heavy Formvar wire for an authentic early pre-Ernie Ball® tone—punchy, growly, and fat. Includes black cover (exposed pole pieces).


The MM4.4 is the pickup to use if you want all the switching options. Each row of magnets is actually 2 coils (2 magnets each), so the pickup can be split and remain hum cancelling in any configuration. Front coil, rear coil, series, parallel... This pickup has all the basses covered ;-)


A 5 string version of the otherwise identical MM4.2, itself an accurate reproduction of an early pre-Ernie Ball® pickup. It features Alnico V magnets and heavy Formvar wire for an authentic punchy, growly, and inherently fat tone. The MM5.2 is a dual coil pickup that can be wired series, parallel, or single coil (split-able). Includes black cover (exposed pole pieces).

The industry never really adapted a standard for this style of pickup, and as a result we have at least 3 different spacing and cover combinations:

1.Soap-bar shape with no ears and narrow spacing. These have a rectangular cover and narrow spacing that will work on original MusicMan® five string basses.

2.Larger shape with ears and wide spacing. These will fit Lakland® and other basses with wider spacing.

3.Larger shape with ears and narrow spacing. These will fit OLP® and other basses with narrow spacing.


The MM5.4 is the 5 string version of the MM4.4 and is split in similar fashion, except that it has a 2 string coil (B and E) and a 3 string coil (A, D and G). The pickup can be split and remain hum cancelling in any configuration. Front coil, rear coil, series, parallel... This pickup has all the basses covered, and is particularly suited to a Lakland installation where the 3 way switch selects front, rear, or parallel coils.


BigMan 4  - with ears (not shown)

BigMan 5

The result of a questionable hair brained idea, and named after the fellow that had this idea (and it’s very imposing nature) the BigMan pickup is not a subtle animal in the least. Take a music man style cover and jam 2 Big Single pickups into that cover. Don’t bother using shorter magnets or less wire – just go for it! The result is a pickup that is fantastically muscular and unrelentingly powerful. Not for the faint of heart.

This all new pickup features:

• A striking and aggressive appearance

• Alnico V magnets. Lots of them.

• Available in standard Music Man replacement sizes

• Optimized for 250k pots

  1. 4 conductor lead wires allow switching options

Big Blademan

Beware - this pickup emits an unsettling amount of raw power, creating the possibility that those who wield the Big BladeMan may engage in band practices and performances that may singe the frayed ends of corrosive frequency. This pickup’s power is enhanced by filtering its aggression through a custom tailored 3B preamp, which adds a depth of fury to its already candescent vigor by perpetuating its hunger for the destruction of sounds weakly whispered. The Big BladeMan is the Papa of our up and coming blade arsenal, and is all knowing and all powerful in terms of what the blade line stands for tonally: mean, gritty, big, powerful, bombastic, and LOUD. This pickup combined with its own custom preamp will not disappoint any player looking to desecrate the silence of the lambs.

The birth of the Big Blade Man was catalyzed by a conversation with Tool’s Justin Chancellor.Through using Justin’s famous tone as a base for shaping the pickup’s sonic character, Carey was able to come up with a design combining the Nordstrand aesthetic with Justin’s edgy and powerful bass lines. Essentially, through using the power we have discovered within the prospects of our various blade designs, Carey attempted to Nordify a few details within Justin’s sound.*

Technical Details:

2 Big J-Blades in an MM cover

Drop-in replacement 4-String and 5-string MM bass pickup

Ceramic magnets

Laser cut vulcanized fiber bobbins

Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.

Big Splitman 4 and 5

In essence, this pickup is a quad-coil BigMan with a cutthroat vendetta against hum and a raw energy slightly superseding the BigMan’s iconic aggression. Its composition is essentially two Big Splits under the same cover, which, tone wise creates a kind of unsaturated sonic righteousness demonstrating its ability to ward off unwanted hum and perpetuate its manifold character throughout any practice room or venue. If the BigMan is just not enough for you, then this pickup will surely supply any missing notes of versatility in tone and character an unsatisfied player might be found craving. The Big SplitMan will not disappoint those who practice the art of manipulating large and unruly tone.

Technical Details:

  1. 2 hum canceling Big Splits in a 4 String MM cover

  2. Drop-in replacement for 4 and 5 String MM bass pickups

  3. Alnico V magnets

  4. Laser cut vulcanized fiber bobbins

  5. Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone


History: The Big SplitMan’s design stems for the simple idea of implementing the quad-coil design within the BigMan. Through the mystical trajectory of our shop’s creativity and ingenuity, this design was without a doubt destined to manifest; there was nothing to be done, for it is simply the nature of Nordstrand to take all differing aspects of design, cut them up, infuse them, and test and mix them in an alchemy of sonic fever volatilized and inhaled for the sake of creative fruition. Basically, we just really dig the tones in both the Big Split and the BigMan, so it is only natural that we try to breed them. Do you have the balls to try one today?