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GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce the addition of this new series of compact, lightweight bass cabinets delivering classic tone, modern styling, and warm full-spectrum response. Along with our “boutique”, modern take on classic/vintage cabinet styling, the NU CLASSIC SERIES features advanced light-weight construction techniques, compact vertical designs, and “specially-designed” Ferrite/Ceramic magnet driver formats for our woofer and tweeter components.

This combination of component selection, ported cabinet design and construction technique combines to deliver the sought-after performance and feel of Ferrite/Ceramic loudspeakers in a cabinet “weight class” normally associated with Neodymium speaker cabinets.

These are affordable gateway product offerings into the GENZLER AMPLIFICATION brand. These traditional woofer and tweeter platforms offer a variety of tonal performance for every type of player. The NU CLASSIC SERIES delivers smooth, warm response from modern transparent clarity to classic growl.


• Ported, Light-weight, Cabinet Designs

• Multi-layer Poplar Plywood construction

• Internal Triangular “truss-style” Bracing

• Recessed Handles and Jack Plate

• Advanced Ferrite/Ceramic Loudspeakers

• Compression Bullet Tweeter w/Ferro-Fluid Cooling

• Black Vinyl Covering with White/Gray Grille Cloth, Silver Piping

• Crossover w/Speakon & ¼” Input & Tweeter Level Control

Model: NC-112T

Vertical design, round, deep lows, smooth mids and top end sparkle

1 X 12” w/Tweeter

300W / 8 ohms

20.5”H x 16.5”W x 15.5”D

28 LBS


Vertical column design, punchy lows, vocal mid clarity, high end gloss.

2 X 10” w/Tweeter

500W / 8 ohms

26.25”H X 16.5”W X 15.5”D

39 LBS


Vertical design, big low freq footprint, smooth mids and top end clarity.

2 X 12” w/ Tweeter

600W / 4 ohms

31”H X 16.5”W X 15.5”D (STACK: NC-112T & NC-210T)

44 LBS

112 + 210 stack

Front Cabinet Shelf Porting w/Radiused Grille Entry

and Internal Leading Edges for Reduced Turbulence

Recessed 12 dB Crossover & Jack Plate

With Tweeter Level Control

Speakon and ¼” Inputs

Recessed Metal Bar Handles


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Megallen 800 | Megallen 350 | 10 2/350 combo | 350 MG12T-V Combo

4 on the floor | r/EQ

NC112T Cabinet              £499 FREE UK shipping

NC210T Cabinet              £699 FREE UK shipping

NC212T Cabinet              £799 FREE UK shipping - out of stock

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