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Betty Black Sharkskin™  Long £63

Betty Black Sharkskin™ Short  £38

Betty Ash Duraweave™ Long £38

Betty Ash Duraweave™ Short £38

Black Warsaw  £32

Grey Warsaw  £32

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Like the cases, the GS1 Strap series is designed with indestructible materials, lightweight construction and smart features to provide the ultimate playing experience. A classic, minimalist design sporting hi-tech materials, the GS1 brings the past into the future with a feel that must be worn to be believed.

Weight: 8 oz, Size, Large 47 - 59", 119cm - 150cm

Short 40 - 46", 101cm - 117cm  Width - 3 1/4", 8cm

Jet Black Sharkskin™, Steel grey Sharkskin™ Ash Duraweave™, Smoke Ultra-Suede, Clay Ultra-Suede


We’ve taken comfort to the next level. The GS1’s wide wale design distributes the weight of heavy instruments. A thin memory-foam core reduces fatigue during long hours of play. A smooth Neoprene underbelly lets the shoulder breathe and slides nicely across your shirt or skin. Forget about the instrument. Concentrate on the music.


MONO Straps are built for life on stage. Get creative with the hidden mini pocket, which stashes picks, a slide, or whatever right where you need it for quick access during play. And we got your back with Matte black steel hardware and military-grade webbing for those extreme wear performances.


Fits standard bass and guitar strap pins. Adjustable strap length (goes from funk to goth).


This product is covered under our 3 year limited liability warranty. As well as our

hassle-free return policy.

The Warsaw

The same indestructable nylon webbing from the automobile seatbelt is used as the primary material in the Warsaw guitar strap. The slinky, slippery, supple feel of the seatbelt makes for a uniquely comfortable playing experience. An alternating vertical weave creates a metallic shimmer as it catches and reflects light. The iconic design and custom hardware details makes the Warsaw a striking addition to your stage presence, while the industrial materials withstand a lifetime of abuse.


We entrust our lives to the seatbelt, so we thought maybe it's worthy of holding our guitars as well. Strong as it may be, the Warsaw is anything but restraining. The slick surface wants to move, and you will too. Manta Black, Platinum Grey and Stark White colour options add a sense of luxe to the industrial look.


Seatbelt webbing is both indestructible and comfortable. Fully adjustable from 39" - 68" (pin-to-pin).

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