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Since 1982, Mayones instruments find their origin in the very same place music starts – the heart. Their essence stems from passion of the talented musicians we work with and the devotion of our experienced luthiers. Mayones basses are the result of the perfect blend of over 35 years of tradition, modern technology and affection at every stage of the building process. There is currently a 12 month wait for a custom build, please contact us for more information on ordering your own custom Mayones.

Please call or email the shop if you would like to order any model that is not is stock or you require a quote or any further information.

EDT: March - April 2019

- 0036/2018/2 - Jabba Classic 5 FR / J-J/Alder/FlamedMaple/Ebony/T-DBLUB-G

- 0036/2018/3 - Jabba Classic 5 / J-J/Alder/FlamedMaple/Maple/T-DSUNB-G

- 0036/2018/5 - Jabba Classic 5 / J-J/Alder/FlamedMaple/Maple/T-GRA-B-G

- 0036/2018/6 - Jabba Classic 4 / J-J/Alder/FlamedMaple/Maple/T-DBLU-B-G

- 0036/2018/7 - Jabba Classic 4 FR / J-J/Alder/FlamedMaple/Ebony/T-D3SUN-B-G

EDT: March - April 2019

- 0068/2018/1 - Jabba HF 5 / J-J60s/SwampAsh/Spruce/PauFerro/T-ANTIQUE-BRN-S

- 0068/2018/2 - Jabba Custom BB 5 / J-J/SwampAsh/BuckeyeBurl/PauFerro/T-NAT-G

- 0068/2018/3 - Jabba Custom BB 5 / J-J/SwampAsh/BuckeyeBurl/HardMaple/T-NAT-G

EDT: December 2019 - January 2020

- 0242/2018/1 - Jabba Custom EP 4 / J-J/SwampAsh/EyePoplar/PauFerro/T-NAT-S

- 0242/2018/2 - Jabba Custom EP 4 / J-J/SwampAsh/EyePoplar/Maple/T-NAT-G

- 0242/2018/3 - Jabba Custom EP 5 / J-J/SwampAsh/EyePoplar/PauFerro/T-NAT-G

- 0242/2018/4 - Jabba Custom EP 5 / J-J/SwampAsh/EyePoplar/Maple/T-NAT-G

ETA: Feb/March 2020

35th Anniversary Patriot

35th Anniversary Patriot 5

Buckeye Burl top over flame maple and Khaya bodu

Wenge/Paduk neck

Ebony f/b

Aguilar Super Double pickups

Aguilar OBP3 preamp 3 band eq with passive tone

Matching wooden knobs and pickup covers

Classic 5

1 x Blue/Maple

1 x Blue/Fretless

1 x Sunburst/Maple

1 x Sunburst/RW

1 x Graphiteburst/Maple

Classic 4

1 x Blue/Maple

1 x Sunburst Fretless

Jabba 5 Custom BB

Swamp ash body incl.

buckeye burl top incl.

gloss finish incl.

maple neck incl.

pau ferro fingerboard incl.

aguilar 70’s pickups incl.

mayones 3 band preamp incl.

Jabba 5 Custom BB

Swamp ash body incl.

buckeye burl top incl.

gloss finish incl.

maple neck incl.

maple fingerboard incl.

aguilar 70’s pickups incl.

mayones 3 band preamp incl.

Submitted on the 14th June 2013 by Calum who purchased a secondhand Mayones Jabba 4

Hi Mark

The Jabba 4 arrived today, which was a bit of a surprise as I thought you were shipping it today (?).

Anyway no harm done as it's none the worse for it's weekend with the couriers - very well packed thankfully!

What else can I say - it's a beaut - very playable neck, I have no problem jumping about on the frets and the

action is so low I might even have to raise it to suit. I'll be putting it through it's paces this afternoon with the amp.

The build is superlative, and there's no doubt that it's finished better than the Fender Select and Deluxe I played last week.

(And the same goes for the Sandberg Cali's). All concerns about buying blind have been dispelled - this is one

seriously pro instrument.

Thanks for your advice and recommendation on this Mayones - I think I've found my perfect JB.



Yolanda Charles with her Jabba Custom 5


Tel: 01926 886433

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