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Mark Bass Multi-Amp Stereo - Pre-owned


  1. Please contact the shop to pay by  Bank Transfer or finance

  2. Pre-owned amplifier in superb condition.

Markbass Bass MultiAmp

We’re proud to introduce the BASS MULTIAMP which offers to the bassists the same advantages, having at disposal an incredible wide range of virtual bass amps, both modern and vintage, speaker cabs and microphones, studio and stompbox effects, and a powerful stereo amp... in a practical rack mountable unit!.

This is just the beginning... as always we’ll be strictly in touch with the market to satisfy the bassists needs and wishes, expanding the BASS MULTIAMP with new items, exciting tones and effects...

Markbass Bass MultiAmp Spec

  1. INPUT

    1. 1 jack mono


    1. 2 jack mono (left/mono,right)

    2. 2 XLR male (left/mono,right)


    1. Solid State / Tube / Vintage


    1. Gain / Level / Master


    1. Low / Mid Low / Mid High / High

  6. POWER AMP: Stereo Model

    1. 300+300W@8ohm

    2. 500W+500W@4ohm

    3. 1000W@8ohm (in bridge mode)

  7. MIDI Connections:

    1. In / Through


    1. Virtual Amps

    2. Speaker Cabs and Microphones

    3. External Memory (SD card)

  9. DIMENSIONS: 2U standard rack / depth 12.76”/324 mm

Markbass Multiamp MIDI Pedalboard

The Markbass Multiamp is one of the most versatile bass amps available today as it lets you get the exact sound you have in your head no matter the style. Well now this versatile amp setup now has a just as powerful foot controller with this Multiamp Midi Pedalboard designed to let you unlock the versatility of your Multiamp on stage.

Stage Worthy Design

With a footswitch that controls your entire rig you need to know it won't fail at any point. With a large metal chassis that can clearly take a good beating as well as industrial grade footswitches this pedalboard is going to last a long time on the road so you can rest easy knowing that your gear will work night after night.

So Many Tools

With 8 built in footswitches that let you control every part of the amp including access to the built in tuner and tap temp delay functions you really can control it all. Running off of a single MIDI cable this compact little footswitch will have no problem fitting in your gig bag.


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