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Mike Tobias is one of the World's most famous and respected bass builders having established a career in the 1970s with his Tobias basses. The Kingston range has been carefully designed to encompass all of Mike's ground breaking ideas in a more cost effective package. The range now includes the highly specified Andrew Gouche signature model and the new ZX models. The USA range are considered to be some of the finest hand built bass guitars available today.

Tel: 01926 886433

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USA Series

Kingston series

On order

2 x Super 5 Black Maple - Late May

4 x Super 5 Black Maple - August

New 2022 KZ5 colours

Sea Foam Green

Candy Pink

Coming soon the new LK Medium scale model;

LK Specs:

32” scale 

24 frets 

P/J configuration 

3 band EQ

Passive tone, A/P switch 

Basswood body 

Maple neck

Solid metallic finish 

Buzz Feiten tuning system 



Mystic Seafoam 

Lake Placid Blue 


Candy Apple Red 

Sky burst metallic 

Available now - KZ 5 Bartolini upgrade kit, comprising of a pair of MTD tuned Bartolini xxP25CX pickups and the MTD/Bartolini tuned 3 band preamp with push/pull mid select and active/passive push pull on the volume.

“I am Michael Tobias, and I have been building instruments since 1974. I started in Washington, D.C., working in The Guitar Shop and doing repairs for a time to learn about other luthiers’ instruments and construction methods. Most of my early work was on acoustic instruments. I worked on a great variety of instruments including Martin, Gibson, Fender, Kohno, Ramierez, banjos and mandolins, harp guitars and even a few sitars.

The most important thing I learned is that, no matter what the instrument is, it is first and foremost acoustic. If an instrument sounds weak acoustically, adding pick-ups will just amplify its shortcomings. Throughout my career I have tried to apply this principal to everything I build. By experimenting with different types and combinations of wood, I seek to get the best possible tone from an instrument. And, by using different woods for body and neck, I am able to offer a wide variety of speaking voices and tonal capabilities.

Music has evolved over the years but there are still a few basic and fundamental constants; rules that must be dealt with. The instrument must satisfy the creative and emotional needs of the owner and it must play in tune.

After leaving Tobias Guitars at the end of 1992, and fulfilling my contractual obligations for consulting and non-competition with Tobias, I started building MTD (Michael Tobias Design) instruments at the beginning of 1994. There is more detail in the History section below.

I have a small shop in the town of Woodstock, New York, in which my part-time helpers and I currently produce about 10 instruments per month. I enjoy building instruments and consider myself quite lucky to be doing something daily that creates a great deal of satisfaction for my customers and myself.

MTD artists

Customer feedback

Submitted on the 11th November 2019 by Mark Grahame in the UK who purchased an MTD Super 5 USA bass

I bought a USA MTD Super 5 from Bassdirect, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I had travelled down to try everything I could get my hands on. I tried 10-20 basses before the MTDs and, to me, they stood head and shoulders above everything else I had tried. All the USA MTDs were gorgeous in feel and sound, but the Super in particular grabbed me. The biggest standout of the MTD sound for me is the incredible finger style AND slap tones, without tweaking anything - quite remarkable.

The team at Bassdirect took excellent care of me, and set me up with my own gear in a comfortable and unrushed environment to work out what I wanted. When it came time to close the deal, they did a great job making it easy to say yes and take the bass home with me.

Thanks again Mark, hope all is well your end.


Submitted on the 29th March 2019 by Alex in Germany who ordered a MTD Kingston Super 5 bass

Dear Mark,

The MTD Super 5 arrived on Tuesday.

Shipping by UPS was ok besides that the outer packaging showed some cuts and holes.

Fortunately the inside package was not affected and the Bass is in top condition.

Regarding the instrument I am totally impressed and my expectations were topped.

This is such a great Instrument!

Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to get MTD Basses via Bassdirect!

And thank you for the fast shipping.

Kind regards,

Alex Schaefer

Submitted on the 30th November 2018 by Des who purchased a MTD Super 5 bass

Hello there,

Just a quick email to say I that I'm absolutely sold in and grateful for your excellence and prompt communication and service.

Right from the time I asked to make some decisions on the Super 5, you were very helpful all the way. 

Thanks ever so much for your patience.

And of course the delivery came in the next day right from when you informed me that you has received it.


Great work 

Submitted on the 30th May 2015 by Nick who purchased a MTD KX5 bass

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say that the MTD I bought yesterday is amazing - gigged it last night and noticed a world of difference in sound and feel - got lots of comments about it!

Regards, Nick Roberts

Submitted on the 25th May 2013 who David purchased  MTD KZ4 bass

Hi Mark

Well… the MTD arrived a couple of days ago and I have to say that I'm over the moon with it!  The neck is so nice, very comfortable to play.  It's a fantastic bass with a good range of easy-to-find tones.  

Thanks again for all your help and advice!



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