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LOXX Strap Lock System

Chrome - £14.99

Chrome Extra long - £15.99

Black - £17.99

Black Extra Long - £18.99

Gold - £24.95

Nickel - £14.99

Nickel Extra Long - £15.99

Antique Brass - £16.99

Antique Copper - £16.95

Viktoria Antique Brass - £16.95

Viktoria Antique Brass/black - £16.95

Skull - £21.95

Duo Pin - £8.95

Screw Set - £11.95

£2 UK shipping will be added to your order

New Viktoria - Antique Brass shown below and Antique Brass/black


The Strap Lock System for Acoustic and Electric Guitar and Bass

LOXX is the superior strap lock system that combines great design with thoughtful presentation and outstanding instrument protection. This unique, German engineered design with its inner spring and high-grade materials keeps your instrument safe while retaining its ease of use - even under the most extreme conditions.

Unlike other systems, LOXX has a low profile together with a one handed "easy on - easy off" engage and release action. Yet it can resist a pull-out force of up to 220 lbs. This, combined with its ability to cover a broad range of strap sizes and thickness, makes it the most advanced and effective strap lock design available.

LOXX clicks in to place easily and is released by simply pulling the locking head. The locking head has serrated 'teeth' that firmly grip the strap while the matching washer is easily and firmly attached with the LOXX tool - no more fighting to fit a lock to your strap, no more nut and washers falling on stage halfway through the performance! The same LOXX tool is also used to attach the LOXX screw to the guitar.

The LOXX system is available in a number of different finishes, with a version for electric guitar and bass and another dedicated to acoustic guitars. To complete the line-up the LOXX Screw Set carries 6 screws including an extended pair in case the original strap button hole is worn.

We just love 'em - well designed, well engineered and at a comparable cost to any of the big boys in the market - someone thought about this product when they put it together!


OXX XL - for Extra Thick Straps:


LOXX XL is designed for use with extra thick guitar straps.  LOXX XL for Electric Guitar comes with (2) 16mm LOXX pins, (2) LOXX  heads with extra long threads, (2) LOXX washers,  (1) LOXX tool, and manual.

You own more than one guitar or bass, but you only want to use one LOXX® equipped strap? Or maybe you need longer screws (22 mm) for a special instrument? Then get your LOXX® Box Music Screws! The package contains 6 screws in two different sizes and 2 strap fittings. The LOXX® Box Screws is available in Nickel and Chrome.

The NEW LOXX® Box DuoPin is perfect for all of you that already use LOXX® strap locks, but tend to forget your own straps from time to time. The LOXX® DuoPin securely connects your LOXX® equipped strap to your instrument, but also allows you to use bare straps with it. One system, two solutions - that's ingenious!

NEW! The LOXX® Box Adapter O for a lot of different endpins. The new LOXX® Adapter O (= others) fits snugly around a variety of endpins. While it fits perfectly around the endpin, it is still mobile and will not distract you from playing! Now click your LOXX® equipped strap onto the adapter - your instrument is safe

Q:  The LOXX pin is very small and I am afraid

it might break. How strong is it?

A:  While the LOXX pin is smaller than a standard strap button, it is very strong.  LOXX were designed for the automotive and marine industries with heavy use and weathering in mind.

Q:  Will I have to modify my guitar?

A:  LOXX uses specially designed 4mm wood screws which have the same outer thread diameter as most current strap button screws but a slightly thicker inner core diameter.  This allows the pin to be installed onto most instruments securely and with no modifications.


Some manufacturers choose to use a different size screw for their strap buttons. There will occasionally be the need for minor modifications in order to properly install LOXX.   Stay tuned for a guide on how to properly and safely do this.

The following guitars may need modification before accepting LOXX strap locks:


PARKER GUITARS - use a smaller diameter and length screw than we currently carry.  While it is possible to use the LOXX pins on a Parker, you will most likely have to modify the holes to accept the LOXX pin.  Also, 10mm LOXX pins are available in the LOXX Acoustic set, which are the ideal length to fit Parker guitars.

HOFNER ICON BASSES - Use a smaller diameter screw and one goes through the metal bridge piece.  LOXX will not fit through this without modification.


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