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Lehle D.Loop SGoS

The Lehle D.Loop SGoS – recommended as the centre piece of your pedal-board management system, a programmable double looper that takes inactive effects out of the signal path. The loops can be used independently of each other. An adjustable buffer is additionally available in every situation and - because not all effect pedals have a volume controller - can even be used to boost them when necessary. The high-end buffer boost has gain margins of up to 12dB and can also be used separately!

The jack sockets and internal signal routing are entirely stereo, to permit full-quality use of studio, 19" and stereo effect-pedal units, too. This is assured by the True Bypass characteristics of the Lehle switchers and their gold-plated-contact relays. The signal ground is also switched, to eliminate hum in your effect loops, and a pop-and-click suppression circuit avoids annoying switching noise.

Programming is as easy and as intuitive as you would expect from Lehle products, whether via remote, using MIDI program change commands, as a stand-alone unit, or combined with other SGoS switchers. One very popular combination is to use the Lehle D.Loop SGoS with the Lehle Dual SGoS - they can mutually monitor and control each other, and manage effects and amps. And a simple stereo patch cable is all you need to hit just the right tone!

gold-plated relays

MIDI send & receive

What are the trademarks of Lehle Switchers?

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Ingo Powitzer, Guitartech for Matthias Jabs (Scorpions), about Lehle

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Programming and Synchronizing of the Second Generation of Switching:

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Premier Guitar - 08/2009


Lehle Sunday Driver, D. Loop SGoS

and 3at1 SGoS Review by Brian Barr


"I’ve never come across gear of this type that offers as much functionality between each and every unit, and with the simplist MIDI programming I’ve ever encountered. These pedals improved my tone and breathed new life into a growing pedalboard setup. I couldn’t stop myself from imagining all the pedal combinations I could get with two D.Loops."


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