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POD GO - £360.00 Free UK shipping


HX Stomp Step Beyond

HX Stomp™ is a professional-grade guitar processor that delivers the sound of Helix® amps, cabs, and effects in an ultra-compact pedal. Whether you prefer to play through a traditional amp-and-pedal setup, or go direct onstage or in the studio, HX Stomp seamlessly integrates into a variety of environments and applications. Utilising the same DSP and HX Modelling technology as its bigger Helix brethren, the HX Stomp guitar pedal nonetheless fits easily onto your pedalboard, or even in the pocket of your gig bag. There are over 300 amps, cabs, and effects—including a looper. HX Stomp contains all the same HX models found in Helix family products, as well as the legacy effects library from Line 6® M-Series pedals, and stompbox modellers such as the DL4™. Use it as a "super stompbox," a backup or fly rig, an add-on tone expander when combined with other modellers, an audio interface—or even a complete guitar or bass rig.


The Line 6 Pod GO Modelling and Multi-Effects Pedal is an all-in-one, tonal titan. Featuring an ultra-lightweight build, premium tones and an easy-to-operate, plug in and play architecture, this piece of gear will no doubt become an essential cog in your current rig. 


High-Quality Sound

Packed inside the robust, compact housing, you'll find a range of exciting sounds to draw on. Professional-grade effects, amps and cab models have been derived from the renowned HX family of processors, resulting in superior tone across the board. And if this isn't enough, it's also possible to load in your own custom, third-party speaker cab impulse responses, opening up even more creative options when it comes to tailoring your tone. 

Record Direct to Your DAW

A USB audio interface has been built into the unit, allowing you to record directly to your favourite DAW on your laptop or computer. Your playing will be captured in excellent detail thanks to a 4 x 4 24-bit/96kHz architecture.

Simple Workflow

The interface and controls themselves have been streamlined across the board, making your workflow incredibly simple, yet intuitive. You'll literally be able to just plug in and play; there's no annoying initial set up required here whatsoever. 

Control, edit and select your sounds using a combination of the multi-function expression pedal, eight footswitches, five push encoders and large LCD display. You can even hook up a pair of external footswitches or a second expression pedal for further command over your tone.     

Key Features

  1. 1Recording and re-amping made possible thanks to a 4-in/4-out 24-bit/96kHz audio interface.

  2. 2Seamlessly connect to your amplifier using a 4-cable method. 

  3. 3TRS expression pedal/dual footswitch input. 

  4. 4Stereo effects loop. 

  5. 5Tweak your effects and amp settings using just your feet with Pedal Edit Mode.

  6. 6Simple backup and preset editing via the free POD Go Edit app. 

  7. 7Swap between your desired tones (without sound dropping out) using the Snapshots function. 

  8. 8Increase your cabinet library by loading in custom, third-party cabinet impulse responses. 

  9. 9Easily reference which kind of effect is currently active using the colour footswitch LED's.

  10. 10Bright, 11cm Colour LCD screen displays key information in an easy-to-understand way. 

  11. 11Lightweight, highly portable design. 

  12. 12Streamlined set of controls makes enhancing your tone easy. 

  13. 13Superior performance provided by premium-grade cab, amp and effects models derived from the award-winning, HX processors. 

  14. 14Headphone jack allows for silent experimentation and practice.


Helix Rack

The latest generation of Line 6 amp simulation is here! For decades now Line 6 have been leading the wave of digital amp simulation ever since they launched the POD all the way back in 1998. Now the next wave of premium products is here with the Helix Floor System.

Using Line 6's dual DSP HX modelling engine you can get even closer to the sound in your head at your feet. With 45 amps, 30 cabs, 16 mics and 70 different effects built in to this thing you really can get any guitar or bass sound your heart desires.

For the latest Line 6 Helix software update click here!

Every Nuance Captured

Line 6 have always had a great attention to detail but what they have done for the Helix is from another world. They have gone through and perfectly modelled every amplifier in the Helix from the power amp to the preamp even to going as far as to measure the power sag in the amp and implement that in to the models.

If you have ever wondered if a digital amplifier can feel like the real thing it is really worth coming down and plug in in to the Helix you will not believe what this one unit can do.

So Many Options

Line 6 have spent years developing the Helix to be everything it is right now. So they didn't just want to stop at delivering the best possible amp and effects modelling but also incredible levels of control that you have never had before.

That is why you can run up to four amplifiers simultaneously with up to 32 effects all running on four discrete stereo signal paths for ultimate clarity. You really can take full advantage of every effect, amplifier, cabinet and mic to make your own distinct sound that no one else has.


It is likely that you have already built up a rig of your own that you love the sound of. Line 6 know that you aren't just going to chuck out all of your boutique effects and amplifiers so they have included enough connectivity so you can use all of your own gear.

With the ability to not only run four loops of your own external effects pedals but also change the channel on your amplifier either via MIDI or 1/4" jack this will soon become the centrepiece of your entire rig.

Reinvented UI

We all know one of the biggest pains with digital amp systems is that they take so long to set up and changing things on the fly is not easy. Line 6 went above and beyond to make sure that wasn't the case with the Helix.

Fitted with a 6.2" LCD display which shows your guitars signal path which can be easily navigated using the 6 smart edit knobs and master control knob you will be up and editing in 5 minutes of setting up the Helix.

But that isn't easy to control while you are on stage. That is why Line 6 fitted a set of 12 touch sensitive footswitches that let you adjust pretty much any parameter on the fly. Got too much reverb? Want to change out an effect? no problem the footswitches are the answer.

Revolutionary Footswitches

Most of you have probably looked at gear guides where someone has a switching system filled with strips of tape that say what each footswitch does. Say goodbye to that with the Helix as each footswitch not only has a multi colour LED indicator underneath but also a fully backlit LCD display.

The customisable LCD strips can be changed say anything that helps you control your system. No matter if that is an internal effect in the unit, changing patches or even turning on one of your own separate pedals using the built in effects loop.

Tour Ready

With all this tech isn't it more likely for something to go wrong? Not at all, Line 6 have spent a long time finding all of the strongest possible parts so that you can take this on the road without failure.

Built with a solid aluminium construction and with switches that can thousands of presses before they even think about failing the Helix has been made with touring guitarists in mind so you can rest assured that this will survive anything you can throw at it.


  1. Dual DSP-powered HX modelling engine

  2. 45 amps, 30 cabs, 16 mics and 70 effects

  3. 6.2" LCD display

  4. 12 touch-sensitive foot switches for editing

  5. 10 inputs, 12 outputs (including 4 effects loops)

  6. 8-in/8-out USB audio interface

  7. 3 expression pedal outs

  8. Mic-level XLR input

  9. S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and L6 Link digital outputs

  10. Capacitive touch-sensitive switches for parameter recall

  11. Assignable RGB LED colour rings

  12. Customisable LCD scribble strips

  13. Preset or stompbox modes

  14. Integrated looper

  15. Solid-aluminium construction

  16. Tour-grade footswitches

Optional footswitch gig bag


Tel: 01926 886433