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When we designed the Basswitch Classic Boost we had in mind classic passive P, JJ and PJ basses. This compact preamp combines the Basswitch IQ DI´s boost with a 3-band-eq especially voiced for vintage basses. Additionally the treble control combines a passive high frequencies reduction with an active high frequency boost.

This can substitute the installation of active electronics in the instrument, collectors or owners of vintage instruments will appreciate this, and your vintage bass will receive a new sonic shine without altering the characteristic sound of your instrument.

The Basswitch Classic Boost allows gain adjustment of +/- 15 dB and can be used as a stand-alone booster, it can be teamed up with the Basswitch IQ DI for more options or work as a compact standalone preamp in front of an active monitor or bass cab.

The approved Lehle True Sound Technology ensures a great tone: starting from the discrete JFET input stage, up to the switching via gold-plated relays this booster offers a more than studio-standard dynamic range of over 110 dB with very little noise. The Basswitch Classic Boost works internally with 18 V, but is content with all power supplies between 9 – 15 V AC or DC. The extremely robust construction with its protected controls and indestructible switching mechanism will provide many years of joy with classical boosting!

gold-plated switches

adjustable gain

voltage internally doubled to 18V

Q: What is the effect of an impedance converter?

A: The sound will be freshened up and signal loss through long cable runs will be compensated.

Q: How can I compensate the signal loss on my effects board?

A: By using an impedance converter, which provides a high impedance input socket for the instrument signal and a low impedance output signal that is more resistant against loss.

Q: What is Lehle True Sound Technology?

A: Lehle True Sound Technology is based on individual measures that follow one common goal: transporting the sound and character of the instrument in the best way possible, without any negative alteration. It achieves an open and dynamic sound without losing any detail. The buffers are designed to easily transmit within the megahertz-range. The Lehle True Sound technology uses either gold plated relays or gold plated switches, even the smallest currents will be transported without any degradation for many years to come.

Technical data:

Weight: 390 g

Length: 14.9 cm

Width: 6.0 cm

Overall height: 4.4 cm

Voltage range: 9-15 V AC/DC

Power consumption: max. 60 mA

Frequency range: 30 Hz – 150 kHz (+1/-3 dB)

Distortion: 0.002 %

Input impedance: 2 MOhm

Output impedance: 150 Ohm

Signal-to-noise ratio: -96 dB @ 1 kHz, 0 dBu

Max. level: 15 dBu (with 12 Volt power supply)

Max. gain: +/- 15 dB


Bass: +15/-11 dB @ 45 Hz (peaking)

Mid: +/-12 dB @ 640 Hz (peaking)

Treble: +10 dB @ 5 kHz/-12 dB @ 10 kHz (shelving)

What is Lehle true sound technology?

Footswitches are pressed thousands of times during their long lifetimes - sometimes sensitively but some times more brutally depending on the situation and the musician’s temperament. An ordinary footswitch will switch up to 20 000 times before wearing out mechanically or electrically, which means that either it will stop working altogether or the signal will start to lose transparency and dynamics. The Basswitch IQ DI is equipped with high

quality Lehle footswitches. Here the foot of the musician does not press an ordinary footswitch but an actuator button that activates a pushbutton inside the Basswitch IQ DI via a metal lever. Because the actuator button and the internal pushbutton are not directly connected, the load The Lehle transformer allows for galvanic isolation at the D.I. output. Only real physical galvanic isolation guarantees complete elimination of ground hum and annoying background noises in any live or studio situation. The Lehle transformer also offers a high level of safety as it isolates the Basswitch IQ DI from current peaks of up to 2 000 V.

working principle of the Basswitch iQ Di footswitches Lehle transformer

Any effort exerted by the foot is absorbed by the actuator button and the housing, protecting the circuit board from mechanical stress. The design is as robust as possible and the actuator button mounted in a special socket making for easy and silent operation. Inside the Basswitch IQ DI the impulse from the pushbutton activates special gold plated relays via discrete logic circuitry. This way the switching is done only via high-quality relays, thus guaranteeing absolutely reliable and loss free switching of very sensitive signals. The switching technology and the gold plated relays in the Basswitch IQ DI are designed to operate for up to two million switching cycles!

Note: Transformers are widely thought to have a negative impact on sound. This does not apply in the case of the Lehle transformer used in the Basswitch IQ DI. Both the D.I. Out and the Line Out of the Basswitch IQ DI can handle a frequency range from 20 Hz to 100 KHz (linear). The transformer does not affect the headroom either as levels of up to 16 dBU are handled without a problem.


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