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Mayones Jabba Custom JM 4 - Poplar top, Antique Black

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  4. Another exquisite hand crafted bass from Mayones featuring a highly figured poplar burl top, ash body, maple neck and Delano Hybrid pickups. A great value, high end custom bass with huge tonal palette. The bass features the new slimmer, faster 60s neck profile.

  5. Weight: 8lb 7oz/3.8kg

Actual bass shown, click on images to enlarge;

The Jabba encompasses all the elements of the original sound and vibe of the instrument designed by Leo Fender in 1961, yet has been improved and enhanced and is hand built with precision and class. The 24 fret neck is bound and has block markers and is hand shaped to be very comfortable and stable. The ash body has been redesigned to accommodate the extra frets. The Delano Hybrid pickups give a huge range of big tones and when combined with the new switchable active bass, mid and treble controls plus classic passive tone control yields a vast array of useable tones. A powerful yet sensitive instrument that embodies the best of both vintage and modern.

  1. Body - Ash

  2. Top - Poplar Burl/Matching Headstock

  3. Construction - 6 Bolt - on

  4. Neck - Maple

  5. Fingerboard - Maple

  6. Scale - 865mm (34"))

  7. String spacing - 19mm

  8. Frets - 24 medium jumbo Ferd Wagner

  9. Markers & inlays - Pearl blocks and binding + side-dots

  10. Tuners - Schaller BM

  11. Bridge - Custom Chrome bridge

  12. Pickups & Electronics - Delano Hybrid with single/dual coil switch - see below

  13. Active May 2 band preamp

  14. Control - Volume, Pan, Treble, Bass, Passive tone, Active/passive switching

  15. Body finish - Satin, Raw finish

  16. Neck finish - Natural wood / Matt finish (T-NAT-M)

  17. Hardware colour  - CR (chrome)

  18. Strings -SIT Nickel 40 - 105

  19. Weight: 8lb 7oz/3.8kg

  20. Additional equipment - Graph Tech nut, Switchcraft jack, Schaller Security Straplocks, Pro Gig bag

Delano The Hybrid 4

An uncompromising pickup series that combines in one single construction the two most legendary sounds in bass history!

Part 1: J-Bass™ – Single coil bridge pickup with the immortal characteristics of early 60’s pickups. AlNiCo 5 magnets, classic fibre bobbin and gauge 42 wire. Part 2: Sting Ray™ Humbucker – Low resistance neck coil with 9.5 millimetre AlNiCo 5 magnets. Authentic sound guaranteed in this setting too, thanks to the special engineered bridge J-coil: the second MM™-coil is integrated inside. Switching concept: The integrated switch management lets you get both of these great classic sounds at the touch of a toggle, each one reconstructed exactly in its original form with all its strengths and nuances of character.

Switching concept:
The integrated switch manager lets you get both of these great classic sounds at the touch of a toggle, each one reconstructed exactly in its original form with all its strengths and nuances of character: Passive function in single-coil mode, active function with the DELANO SONAR 2- or 3-band EQ activated in Humbucker mode. The internal switching of the pickup is lightning fast, too! For maximum sound authenticity we recommend the custom neck version of our J™-single coil JC4AL/H or JC5AL/H for the neck position. With both pickups switched on, this JJ-arrangement typically produces a noise-free output.

No trouble with treble:
The ’Hybrid’ set includes a specially designed treble pot that works as a typical passive tone control for the J™-sounds in the passive mode and doubles as the active treble EQ in the Sting Ray™ setting. The neutral setting is located conveniently in the middle position; when switching, it’s easy to get the basic settings you need.

Additional features:
In the humbucking mode – we call it ’Ray’ mode – you’re able to combine the hybrid pickup with the neck pickup, too. This is an additional feature. But take note, that use of the neck side single coil pickup typically causes hum, if driven with the active electronics. To achieve an authentic ’Ray’ sound, you should turn the balance knob fully backwards – and so your bass is hum-free.

JC Series


The DELANO JC series are retrofit pickups for standard Jazz Bass™ type instruments and can be installed in any kind of bass with similar pickup routings. All JC series four and five string pickups use standard four string size shells (covers). Special five string JCs will fit into Fender USA™ five string Jazz Basses™ made after the mid nineties. They are available only upon request. Please inquire.

The JC4 AL (alnico single coil) is our well revised version of the classic JB pickup™ .We examined the best vintage basses from 1960 to 1977 to create a harmonious blend between the woody low mid growl and warm articulate midrange early sixties pickups are famous for with the funky ‘twang’ of some better seventies examples, then we added a slight embellishment to the deep bass and bright harmonics range. The result is a well balanced single coil pickup that delivers everything from the best old school R&B tones to funky spank on steroids. JC4 AL pickups are available in matched pairs or as single units.


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