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Hofner HCT 500/2 SB Club Bass Sunburst short scale, 30"


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The Contemporary (CT) version of the Hofner Club Bass offers the famous Hofner bass-sound in an alternative cutaway design. Inspired by the original Hofner Club Bass from the 1960s this electric bass guitar offers you the chance to own a piece of history with vintage looks and sound. Light in weight and easy to play with the 30" short scale neck. The Contemporary version is fitted with a centre block to help improve sustain and eliminate feedback. This model is fitted with original Hofner 'Staple-Top' pick-ups.

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The 500/2 Club Bass was introduced in 1964 as an alternative to the increasingly popular 500/1 Violin Bass. It was aimed at players who wanted the unique Höfner bass sound but who didn't want to look like Paul McCartney! The body had been in production since 1954 but only as a guitar. It was a fairly simple production decision to put the Violin Bass neck into a Club body and create a new product. The 500/2 Club bass today is still built in exactly the same way as in 1964 and uses the same components.

Sound and Style

Many prefer the 500/2 Club Bass to the 500/1 Violin Bass as it offers a bigger body but produces almost identical tones - the legendary Höfner bottom end thump. With a fully hollow body and short scale (30") neck it is a light and easy bass to play. Available in Ignition, Contemporary and German built versions along with Gold Label instruments it remains a popular bass for those wanting that distinctive vintage sound.


HCT Club Bass 







Shape - Club Bass

Wood Top - Spruce - Soundhole 


Wood Back - Flame Maple

Wood Sides - Flame Maple

Binding Top - Black / White / Black

Binding Back - Black / White / Black

Binding Sides - White

Centerblock - Spruce


Wood - Maple / Beech / Maple

Construction - Three Piece

Headstock Shape - Club Bass

Logo and Artwork - Script

Neck Joint - Hofner Club Bass Set Neck

Joint At - 16th Fret

Thickness Neck + FB At 1st Fret - 22mm

Thickness Neck + FB Near Heel - 24mm

Heel Cap - Pearl


Wood - Rosewood

Scale - 30" / 76cm

Nut Width - 42mm

Width At 12th Fret - 48mm

Inlays - Dots

Binding - White

Side Dots - Yes

Number Of Frets - 22


Material - Ebony 

Type - Hofner Fretted


Tuners - Single Nickel 

Tuner Buttons - Pearl

Tailpiece - Trapeze Nickel

Nut Material - Plastic

Pickguard - White Pearl -

Pickup Neck - Hofner Staple Nickel

Pickup Bridge - Hofner Staple Nickel

Potentiometer Knobs - Black and Silver

Strings - Hofner HCT Roundwound

Approximate Weight Kg - 2,7


Action Bass String at 12th Fret - 3mm

Action Treble String at 12th Fret - 2mm


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