Second Hand Bass Guitar Stock :: Hofner HCT5007SB, very thin, short scale, 30" four string bass

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Hofner HCT5007SB four string short scale (30") bass (list £699)


Optional fitted hard case £99 inc free shipping

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  3. A brand new bass with a small mark on the headstock. Inspired by the original Hofner Verithin bass from the 1960s, the Hofner Contemporary version of the Verythin Bass offers you an archtop bass with a vintage look and sound at an affordable price. The short scale makes this electric bass guitar easy to play and handle, while the centre block gives modern deep bass sounds and helps to eliminate feedback.

  4. Founded in 1864, Hofner's comprehensive range of guitars draws on the firms long-standing success making precision string instruments for musicians. The Beatles' Sir Paul McCartney played a Hofner Violin Bass, and the company's superb attention to detail and stylish design has continued to inspire musicians to this day. Despite the numerous changes over 125 years the company is still strongly a family firm with strong values for customers, and for high quality musical instruments.

Actual bass shown, please click on images to enlarge:


  1. 30" short scale, with Hofner's original 1960s styling

  2. Three-piece body

  3. German made 'Staple' pickups

Further Specs:

  1. Finish: Sunburst

  2. Body:

  3. Wood Top: Spruce

  4. Wood Back: Flame Maple

  5. Wood Sides: Flame Maple

  6. Centreblock: Spruce

Neck: Maple/Beech/Maple

  1. Wood: Rosewood

  2. Scale: 30"/76cm

  3. Nut Width: 42mm

  4. Number Of Frets: 22

Pickups & Hardware:

  1. Pickup Neck: Hofner Staple Nickel

  2. Pickup Bridge: Hofner Staple Nickel