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Licensed Tuners

Satin Single - £6.00

Satin Stacked - £12.00

Chrome Single - £6.49

Chrome Stacked - £12.79

Black Single - £6.49

Black Stacked - £12.79

Gold Single - £6.49

Gold Stacked - £12.79

Double String retainer, black - £13.00

Triple string retainer, black - £14.00

Quad string retainer black - £16.00

Double String retainer, chrome - £11.00 OUT OF STOCK

Triple string retainer, chrome - £16.00 new price

Quad string retainer, chrome - £14.00

Double String retainer, Gold - £14.00

Triple string retainer, Gold - £16.00

Quad string retainer, Gold - £22.00 - new price

String ferule, chrome - £4.00

String ferule, gold - £5.00 OUT OF STOCK

Thumb rest - Black - £10.00

Thumb rest - Chrome - £12.00

Thumb rest - Gold - £12.00

String tree, chrome - £4.00

String tree, Gold - £5.00

String tree, Black - £5.00

Please note: UK mainland shipping £3 is added to your order.

Please make sure you have added the correct shipping to your order.

Please CONTACT US to order any items that are not listed above, turn around is about 4 - 6 weeks.

Tel: 01926 886433


Satin O-ring Knob

No more slipping !!

Satin Stack Knobs  

Black O-ring Knob

No more slipping !!

Black Stack Knobs  

Chrome O-ring Knob

No more slipping !!

Gold O-ring Knob

No more slipping !!

Gold Stack Knobs  

String retainers

String tree

Chrome Ferule

Thumb rest - black

Kickass™ Bridge Inserts

Sculpt your own tone with Hipshot KickAss replacement saddle inserts.

You can choose between un-notched inserts or our pre-notched set which includes 2 Low (deep), 2 Medium, and 2 Tall (shallow) notches.

Compatible with the KickAss 4 string and 5 string saddle sets.

Brass is a softer material and emphasises the fundamental harmonic (root tone) which gives your bass a deeper, darker, more mellow sound. We chose this as the default that comes with your KickAss bridge.

Stainless steel is a harder material and helps the harmonic overtone series (root, 5th and 7th tones) to shine through. This gives your bass a brighter sound.


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