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Some of the finest lightweight amplifiers available today.

Shuttle 12.2 Max

Shuttle Max 12.2 - 2 x 600w, 6.85lb


Shuttle 9.2 - 900w, 4 lb

Shuttle Max 9.2 - 900w, 5.75lb
Streamliner 600 and 900 - 600 and 900w, 6lb
NEW Shuttle 6.2 - 600w, 3.5lb
Shuttle Max 6 - 1 x 600w, 6.85lb
Shuttle 6 - 600w, 3.75lb
Shuttle 9 - 900w, 4lb
Shuttle Max 12 - 2 x 600w, 6.85lb


 We’d been asking for less expensive cabinets and combos for the European market for some time, and Genz Benz dutifully obliged at this years NAMM.


Such was the success of the new ‘FOCUS’ cabinets, Bass Gear Magazine awarded them a ‘Best in Show’ award, one of only 6 awards that they give out at the show.


Here is what they had to say on their forum:


I finally made it past the GB booth and I must say the new Shuttle stuff is far and away the best I've heard in the line yet. Enough so that I'm probably gonna' get a rig and run it through some paces. Just have to decide which pieces. I'm mostly thinking about the 9.2 (or Max 9.2) and a pair of the 210 cabs. While I was there, however, I did hear both of the 112's together as well as the new Focus cab line. Very impressive. I predict the Focus cab line will be a huge seller. Even though they're not NEO, they're still very light and can really take the juice and pump out the sound.

One of the things I really liked about the new Shuttle line is how they mellowed out the profile buttons. Previously, I pretty much needed to re-EQ with each one, which is not the way I like to use a contouring control like that. The added level control on the Max's solved the problem on those, but the new 6.2 and 9.2 are pretty much where I'd want them without it, so the simpler amp design is now a more viable option.

Another thing I really liked is how they added gain and made the distortion a bit creamier. Just seems to generally sound better to me. And while I didn't really get a chance to push it into 3DPM, I heard it on Ed's vid, and I like that a lot, too. Bottom line, it's a great rev to the product line.

Fun stuff... I'll have to post some gig reports eventually... now, just gotta' figure out what...

+1 They made nice changes across the board. You can now push the tube harder in the 6.2 and 9.2, very similar to the tube channel on the MAX heads. The changes to the global tone controls is nice, too, and it did seem like the low mids were thickened up a bit, though some of that could have been the cabs, too. The ShuttleMAX 9.2 is still my favourite of the line up. I don't need the smaller form factor, and it's light as all get out. The features are great, too. I still dig my ShuttleMAX 12.0, but I would have picked the 9.2 over the 12.0 if it had been available at the time.

What really blew me away were the Focus cabs. They sounded like they belonged in a much higher price range, and the light weight and form factor was very nice. We ended up giving Genz-Benz one of our six Best of Show Awards for the Focus line of cabs, and I think they totally deserved it.

January 29, 2010


(L to R) Genz Benz’s Andy Field, Jeff Genzler and Scott Andres

Genz Benz was awarded “Amplifier of the Year” for its innovative ShuttleMAX 12.0 -- 1200 Watt amplifier. Brian Berk, editor of Music & Sound Retailer magazine presented Jeff Genzler with the highly sought after Music and Sound award during the recent NAMM show.

“Instrument amplifier is one of our most competitive categories, year after year. Genz Benz made a great product and was certainly rewarded for it! Our dealers have spoken,” said Berk as he presented Genzler with the award.

Music and Sound awards are awarded annually during NAMM by Music and Sound Retailer magazine. Dealers and manufacturers across the United States vote on several categories celebrating the best products and manufacturers, among others.

"All of us at Genz Benz are sincerely honoured to have our ShuttleMAX 12.0 recognised as ‘Instrument amplifier of the year’. Our hands on design team, production staff, sales force and Genz dealers, all share in this achievement and to all I am deeply grateful,” said Jeff Genzler, founder and general manager of Genz Benz.

January 04, 2011

Ken Wilde Discovers the Shuttle 3.0

Session ace Ken Wilde was recently introduced to Genz Benz - and wonders where we have been all his life.

You may not know the name Ken Wilde, but you have heard his bass playing. Ken is one of the most prolific session bassists in the industry. He has performed and / or recorded with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Quincy Jones, Barbara Streisand, Gloria Estefan and David Benoit and has played on soundtracks for movies such as Lion King, Men in Black, Sideways, Dreamgirls and Scorpion King as well as the TV shows Boston Legal, The Simpsons, Chicago Hope, Star Trek Voyager and King of the Hill.

Ken does a lot of work with his upright bass had been in search of an amp that would accurately reflect and enhance that instrument. He found it in the Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0 -10T and STL-10T extension cab and has been singing its praises ever since. Ken was introduced to the Shuttle during the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Labor Day Telethon where he was serving as house band bassist. He needed something that would work with virtually any and all of his bass guitars during the grueling gig and was thrilled when our friends at Center Staging Burbank delivered the Shuttle. Like many, Ken was initially apprehensive when he saw the diminutive amp, but was completely won over when he plugged it in.

He is currently performing in the production of "Harps and Angels" which features the music of Randy Newman at the renown Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles and incorporating the Shuttle with both acoustic and electric bass. Ken is looking forward to meeting and personally thanking Jeff Genzler at next week's Namm show.

May 11, 2011

Small Genz Benz Amp Handles Big Show

Session ace Trey Henry plays bass in the single most demanding and unforgiving performing environment known to any pro musician - live television. Trey covers the low end in the house band for the song-filled, top rated "Dancing With the Stars" and as such, must be equipped to handle a wide range of musical assignments. After a career long search for the ultimate bass amp, Trey found it in the Shuttle 6.0. Let Trey tell you why.

"Being a session player in LA for a number of years, you become numb to the sensation of plugging your bass into direct boxes and preamps of questionable quality and hoping for the best. For me, Genz Benz has put a stop to that. It's nice to be inspired by the sound you produce, and to know that sound is available wherever you go. I go to work every week to play a live TV show that requires any number of styles of music, electric and upright basses, with their varieties of tones and I know my Shuttle 6.0 is there to do whatever is required in the most musical way possible".


August 24, 2011

Sam Sims Goes Genz

Sam Sims knows what he's looking for. The bassist of choice for the likes of Janet Jackson, Matthew Morrison, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Lionel Ritchie and Stanley Clarke knew exactly the tone he was looking for and zeroed in on the Genz Benz Uber Quad GB1288T-UQ and GB115T-UB cabs driven by the small but mighty Streamliner STM900. Sam's comment: "The think I like about my Genz Benz rig is that it's very light weight but still maintains that punch and tone that I love. It's also very versatile and can get the job done with any kind of music".


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