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GR Aero 112 CUBE  - £750

GR Aero 210  - £899

GR Aero 212  - £1050


The GR Bass AeroTech range of speakers are the lightest bass guitar speaker cabinets in the world.

Never has a professional speaker cabinet been produced with this performance to weight ratio.

The AeroTech speaker cabinets are made of high-tech carbon fiber materials developed for the AeroSpace industry and are used for rigidity and consistency while offering durability and reduced weight.

Overall the Aero series of cabinets when compared to any wood cabinet on the market have better focus, detail, punch, overall richness of sound and a more open soundstage.

Here are the AeroTech versions compared to their wood counterparts:

• 40% lighter weight with greater

durability than wood construction.

• possess greater consistency in

weight and sound by using non-organic material.

• employ extreme rigidity that improves sound quality by reducing

resonance and control of spurious vibrations in the cabinet.

Product examples are;

- the GR410 speaker cabinet is 55Lbs. while the Aero410 is only 33 Lbs.,

- the GR212Slim speaker cabinet (wood) is 45 Lbs. while the Aero212Slim is 26 Lbs.

- the GR112 is reduced in weight from a sensible 25 Lb, package to the Aero feather-lite cabinet of only 15 Lbs!

These speaker cabinets are 100% proudly made in Italy, as are all GR Bass products.