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Customer feedback

Steve in The UK - GR Bass AT212 Slim - 15/08/21

Hi Mark,

Just thought I’d drop you a line about my recent purchase of the GR Bass 212 from you. I used it at a gig last night for the first time and came away impressed. Very loud, but very clear. I like a very bassy tone and it handled this no problem with no muddiness at all. Overall I definitely prefer it to the Barefaced Super Twin that I part  ex’d with you, so I’m really pleased with my purchase. On top of all of that it’s smaller than the ST and the weight saving is just amazing!!

These are amazing cabs!

Cheers and all the best,


Neil in The UK - GRBAss AT212 Slim  - 01/09/21



I bought an At 212 Slim from Bass Direct (UK) just over a month ago.


I am in two bands, and I haven’t used it live yet but I have used it at about eight rehearsals.


I’ve used it with a 35+ year old Laney head, a Bass Terror and a Trace Elliott Elf and five different basses of different types. Every time I get compliments about how good it sounds.


Even though these amps are well under its capacity (the Laney is a fairly puny 150W)  the cab is very loud with not a lot of power going into it. I’ve never been able to get such fantastic sounds before or to have the reassurance of my amps doing little more than tick over but easily keeping pace with a six-piece band.


The AT212 also looks great and weighs not much more than a quarter as much as my Trace Elliot 4x10 combo and much less than my old 2x12 cabs, yet sounds much ‘bigger’. I also have the custom cover, which is nice and well made.


I’d also like to thank Bass Direct who gave me plenty of time and space to try out the cab.


I can’t wait to try out my new rig live – I have four gigs lined up, and hopefully many more to come in the New Year.


Bets wishes and many thanks for a great product.