Evidence Audio Leads, Melody, Lyric, Forte, SIS SOLDER FREE guitar cables, 10'. 15', for sale, UK, EU, Bass Direct





Melody 10ft st-st     £59.00

Melody 10ft  st-ra    £59.00

Melody 15ft st-st     £69.00

Melody 15ft st-ra     £69.00

Melody 20ft st-st     £79.00

Melody 20ft st-ra     £79.00

Forte 10ft  st-st       £99.00

Forte 10ft  st-ra       £99.00

Forte 15ft  st-st       £124.00

Forte 15ft  st-ra       £124.00

Forte 20ft  st-st       £139.00

Forte 20ft  st-ra       £139.00

LyricHG 10ft st-st         £89.00

LyricHG 10ft st-ra         £89.00

LyricHG 15ft  st-st        £109.00

LyricHG 15ft  st-ra       £109.00

SIS solderless patch straight/chrome 4 lead kit  £59.95 inc UK p&p

SIS Straight nickel plugs £5.99 each

SIS Cable £1.99 per foot

Add EU Mainland shipping for all orders outside the UK + £5.00

Tel: 01926 886433


The Melody™

Little Brother of the Lyric HG; yet still beats up the competitors' kids without help at a great price.


Design Consideration:



IGL™ Copper conductor:


Fatigue-free midrange and highs

Solid Core Primary Conductor:


Tight, articulate bottom with midrange clarity and speed

20 awg Conductor Size:


Large enough to communicate punch and authority, small enough to avoid skin effect anomalies

98% Shield Coverage:


Outstanding noise rejection

Spiral Shield:


Parallel conductor geometry minimises strand interaction compared with braided shields

Low Capacitance:


May be used in long runs without high-frequency roll-off

Woven Nylon Jacket:


Protects your investment for years

The Forte™

A flexible Instrument cable with exceptional tone and feel.


Design Consideration:



IGL-ECS™ conductors:


Minimizes the effects of strand interaction, the largest source of distortion in cables, but retains flexibility of a common stranded cable

High Purity Copper:


Open and extended midrange and highs without etching or glare

Semi-Balanced Geometry:


Shield blocks noise instead of carrying your signal to preserve dynamics and dimensionality

Organic Insulation:


Cotton wraps the conductors with a lower dielectric constant than polymers to preserve resolution and prevent smearing

18 awg conductors:


Uncommon cross-sectional area for incredible punch and authority without skin-effect anomolies


The Lyric HG™

A refinement of the original Lyric cable with greater resolving ability. Yin to the Yang of The Forte.


Design Consideration:



IGL™ Copper conductors:


Smooth midrange and highs

Symmetrical Design:


Dynamics scream from the quietest of backgrounds without using the shield to carry your signal

Solid Core Conductors:


Preserve clarity and focus, revealing harmonic detail and articulation

20 awg Conductor Size:


Large enough to communicate punch and authority, small enough to preserve a sense of air and delicacy

Enhanced Dielectric:


Additional air reduces dielectric involvement

Conductive skins applied to positive and negative runs


Reduced microphonics with high gain amps

High Density Copper Braid Shield:


Nothing but signal gets to your amp

Woven Nylon Jacket


Increases flexibility and protection for stage use


Monorail cabe now available in black or red.