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ELITES, high performance strings made in the USA

Players Series

Roundwound, long-scale strings with with a nickel-plated steel

wrap. Versatile and smooth, Player Series strings feature a

nickel alloy with less high-end attack and a pronounced

mid-range definition, reducing finger noise and delivering

a warm, rich, full tone.

Stadium Series

Durable, extremely bright and resonant, with superb harmonic

response and plenty of attack and clarity, these really are the

“strings with the zing”, perfect for bassists who want to stand

out in the mix. Less abrasive on fingers and frets than other

stainless steel brands, Stadium Series strings are great

for long playing sessions.

Stadium Double Ball End Series

These superior quality, matched gauge sets for are based on

our hugely popular stainless steel, roundwound Stadium

Series formulation for a long-lasting, bright and powerful

sound, with superb harmonics, balance and tonal definition

and fit all standard scale, headless bass guitars...

from Steinberger and Status to LeFay, Klein, Hohner

and Cort. Recommended for modern rock and pop and

especially good for slap styles.

Detroit Flatwound 4 string          £26.95  45/65/85/105

Detroit Flatwound 5 string          £35.95  45/65/85/105/130

Stainless Medium Scale 4 string £19.95 45/65/85/105

Nickel Medium Scale 32” 4 string £19.95 45/65/85/105

Detroit Flats

Specially wound and polished, Elites Detroit matched gauge flatwound sets are becomingly increasingly popular amongst players looking for a super-smooth playing experience and a balanced, deep, pounding tone.

Great for fretless instruments, they reduce wear on the fingerboard and produce a mellower, upright bass sound. On a fretted bass, you'll get less finger-noise and string-click and a warmer, richer bass tone.

Stainless Four string sets  £19.95 30/50/70/90

Stainless Four string sets  £19.95  35/55/75/95

Stainless Four string sets  £19.95  45/65/85/105

Nickel Four string sets       £19.95 45/65/85/105

Stainless Four string sets  £19.95  40/60/80/100

Nickel Four string sets       £19.95  40/60/80/100

Stainless Five string sets £25.95  45/65/85/105/130

Nickel Five string sets       £25.95  45/65/85/105/130

Stainless Five string sets  £25.95  40/60/80/100/125

Nickel Five string sets       £25.95  40/60/80/100/125

Stainless Six string sets £29.95  25/45/65/85/105/130

Nickel Six string sets       £29.95  25/45/65/85/105/130

Stainless Six string sets  £29.95  25/40/60/80/100/125

Nickel Six string sets       £29.95  25/40/60/80/100/125

Doubleball end Stainless 4 string set £21.95 30/50/70/90

Doubleball end Stainless 4 string set £21.95 40/60/80/100

Doubleball end Stainless 4 string set £21.95 45/65/85/105

Doubleball end Stainless 5 string set £27.95 40/60/80/100/125

Detroit  string sets       £26.95  45/65/85/105

Stainless Five string sets £35.95  45/65/85/105/130

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