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Octabass Blue Label

£139 FREE UK shipping

The new EBS Octabass Blue Label pushes the boundaries for what has seen as possible with an analogue octave effect. The quality and character of the octave tone, as well as the precision and speed of the tracking, is outstanding.

The EBS OctaBass was the first effect unit ever made by EBS. It is famous for fast and accurate tracking and a fat, natural sound. When you play your instrument, it "tracks" the note you play and produce a sound one octave below to mix in with the note you play. The 'Blue Label' model has a couple of new features that enhance the tracking range and improves the control of the sound.

Improve the tracking where it matters the most:

A new Range-switch makes possible to move the optimized focus area of the tracking to either higher up or lower down the fretboard. All to match your playing style and needs. This feature makes the tracking speed and range outstanding for an analogue octave pedal. Note: Don't confuse this switch with the Range-switch on previous OctaBass pedals where it changed the character of the tone.

Enhanced tone control:

By adding a seamless tone control you can go from a present, focused octave sound that cuts through the mix all the way to a sub-bass backdrop of lows that discreetly supports the note you play. The tone control enhances the palette of sounds and also makes it easier to achieve a synthesized bass sound.

Power the Blue Label OctaBass with 9-18V DC power. The footprint is reduced by 12% compared to the previous Studio and Black Label editions.

  1. Preserve the low range

  2. Suitable for live and studio use

  3. High or Low-optimized fretboard tracking-range

  4. Controls for Normal and Octave volume

  5. Seamless Tone control for Octave

  6. Can be powered with 9-18V DC


Inputs - 1/4" jack

Outputs - 1/4" jack

Power Supply - Mains Adapter

Dimensions (mm) - 67 x 115 x 48

Weight (g) - 315


Tel: 01926 886433