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Mark in The UK - Dingwall NG3 5 Gold  - 15/08/21

Hi Mark 

Thanks for your help & advice yesterday it’s always most welcome. The Dingwall is absolutely fab it sounds super through the vanderkley cab. 

All the best 


Darren in South Africa - Dingwall NG3 5 - 04/08/21

I just want to say thank you to Mark and Ashley for helping me get my first Dingwall.

I managed to play a bit today and it is an impeccable instrument. 

Thank you again for the excellent service and we will definitely do more business very soon


DJ Yen

George Baldwin - Dingwall ABII 5 Olive Green Metallic - 02/06/21

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say thank you to you and Ash the other week for all your help with the new Dingwall. 

It’s really refreshing talking to people who really know their stuff - it gave me a lot of confidence over the decision to go for it. It’s an incredible instrument and I’m really glad I did!

Thanks again,


Rob with his custom order Super J 5 18/05/2020

Mark, received! I’m getting used to it, but man is it easy to play!

Submitted on the 14th February 2019 by Matt in New Zealand who purchased Dingwall Combustion 5 bass

Hey, just letting you know that the bass arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you guys so much for sorting me out. The shipping down to this little corner of the world was epically fast. Have a good one!


Submitted on the 10th December 2018 by Hanns in Germany who purchased a  new DIngwall ABZ 6 bass

Hi Mark, hi Marcus,


the Dingwall ABZ is really great and in perfect condition.


I enjoy it and it changes my playing totally.


Thanks a lot for your excellent support.


Kind regards - Hanns Wißdorf

Submitted on the 23rd July 2018 by Adrian in the UK who purchased Pre owned Dingwall ABZ4 bass

Hi Mark and Marcus,

Just wanted to write and say a huge thank you for the welcome today, thank you for the opportunity to try out a whole bunch of basses, and it was great to finally meet you both. Although the drive up (and back) was a bit of a killer it was worth the journey! The Dingwall ABZ4 is amazing - crystal clear and the output blows away my remaining active bass.

Thanks once again :)

Best regards


Submitted on the 4th March 2018 by Timm in Germany who purchased Dingwall NG2  bass

Hi Marcus,


the bass has safely reached me yesterday. It was packed up nicely, plays like a dream – killer setup, whoever did this -  and sounds even better than the model I playtested last month. And above all, it was a pleasure dealing with you and your colleagues. Thanks. I’ll absolutely bear Bass Direct in mind for upcoming purchases.


Best regards,


Submitted on the 24th April March 2018 by Jehuan in USA who purchased A pre-owned Dingwall ABZ 6 bass

Hello Mark,

I just received the Dingwall ABZ-6, great bass! Now I got 4,5 and 6 strings Dingwall’s in my collection, and this 6-strings bass is so easy to play, amazing!!

Thanks again! 


Submitted on the 12th February 2018 by Michael in the UK who purchased Dingwall Combustion 5 bass

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to send an email to say thank you.

A few weeks ago I managed to convince my wife to take our 3 month old baby on a little road trip up from Woking to come see you to have a look at some Dingwall basses. I had been eyeing up a Dingwall for a couple of years now but never actually had a chance to play one - the trip was really to convince myself I didn't need one afterall or worst case scenario be putting down a deposit on a new NG3 after NAMM (mainly because it was the shiny new addition..!).

When we arrived all 3 of us received a very warm welcome from yourself and you even kept my wife and child entertained whilst I tried out a couple of the basses. (Also, WOW what incredible basses you have in stock there!)

After expecting to be wanting a bass in the NG range, I ended up falling in love with the 5 string Combustion and couldn't go home without it - and you even stayed open after hours just so I could make the purchase (and attend to the baby...).

A few weeks on, the new addition has now been put through its paces through rehearsals and gigs and it is truly incredible. An absolutely phenomenal instrument that is miles away in both sound and performance than anything I have played before!!

So really I just wanted to say thank you - for your hospitality, for staying open that little bit extra, for your patience whilst I was playing the instruments, for your expertise and advice, for stocking incredible instruments and for generally going above and beyond.

I'm sure I will be visiting at some point in the future when I decide it's time to upgrade other areas of my rig..!

Many thanks and kind regards,

Michael Quinn


Submitted on the 8th February 2018 by Kristian in Norway who purchased Dingwall Combustion 5 bass

The Dingwall Combustion 5 arrived today! Plays really nice and got a comfy neck. First time I’ve played fanned frets. Played it straight away out of the box, only took a minute to get used to. Really good customer service from you guys, will definitely recommend BassDirect to anyone who asks where I got the bass from. 

Thank you!

Mvh Kristian Roset

Submitted on the 5th January 2018 by Hakon in Sweden who purchased a ore-owned Dingwall ABZ 5  bass

Hi Mark,

Received the bass in perfect condition yesterday, and it was better than I ever could have dreamed of, fantastic looks, and that mind blowing sound! wow!!!

Thank you for your service, and hope to do business again with you soon!

kind regards,


Submitted on the 3rd December 2017 by Bryan in Germany who purchased Dingwall NG2 5 bass

Tl;Dr service is incredible fast, shipping to Germany took 2 days, no credit card needed. I am happy.

I tried to purchase this bass in Germany at first, but after no one answered my mails at the German stores I stared looking for another shop that sold Dingwall’s.

So I wrote a quick mail to bassdirect, asking when they get the dingwall in Stock and how long shipping would take. I received an answer within 30 minutes - what a service!

So, I was told it would take 2-3 days to ship from the UK to Germany and that the bass would be ready in a week.

The following week I received a Mail, that the bass was shipped and two days later it arrived at my door.

The bass plays great, looks great, sounds great. The service was top notch. If I am going to buy a new bass it will be here!

Submitted on the 1st Decmebr 2017 by Ioannis in the UK who purchased Dingwall NG2 5 bass

Dear BassDirect team,

First of all, I would like to thank you again for the fast replies and the support. Excellent service and customer experience!!

I received the Dingwall NG-2 yesterday and I've played with it for a couple of hours so far. The build quality is as advertised and the sound is exactly what I was looking for. It literally takes no time to get used to the fanned frets as I was able to play normally - like with every other of my basses. The sound is versatile and the 5th string is as clear as the rest. I own a Mayones be5 exotic which is more or less in the same price range as the Dinqwall NG-2, but the sound of the 5th string is not even as nearly good as the Dingwall's.

I recommend this bass to anyone interested and I will definitely purchase gear from you again!



Submitted on the 15th November 2017 by Vincent in Belgium who purchased secondhand Dingwall ABZ5 bass

Dear Bass Direct Team,

I received the bass yesterday.

I would like to thank you.  I have just one word : WOW.

The bass is really in perfect state and with my SWR amp the sound is incredible.

Thank you for your perfect job.


Submitted on the 31st October 2016 by Adam who purchased a new Dingwall SJ4 bass

Hi Marcus all at Bass Direct!

I just wanted to say I am having the best time with Dingwall bass. It's too amazing ! 

Thought as a thank you, you might be mildly entertained on your Tuesday morning by a vid of my band Town of Cats at our recent album launch in Brighton. The Dingwall is in it :) 


Warm regards 


Submitted on the 17th September 2015 by Pekka who purchased a Dingwall NG2  bass

Hi Mark,

I wanted to let you know that I received the NG-2 a few days ago, and I couldn't be happier. It arrived in top-notch condition. The first time I plugged it in, I recognised that clear, spanky sound that Nolly's known for, which goes to show just how big of a difference the instrument makes to the overall tone. The bass feels very comfortable, and the fanned fret system is very easy to get used to - in fact, I didn't even notice it at first. The bass also looks stunning. I was lucky and quick enough to snatch the rare pink model, and it's hands down the most beautiful instrument I own. I'm primarily a guitarist, but this bass makes me excited to exercise to become a proper bass player.

Thank you! I look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Kind regards

Pekka Vatanen

Submitted on the 25th April 2016 by Ian who purchased a Dingwall NG2  bass

I've had my NG-2 for a month now, and I can honestly say that it has exceeded every expectation I had for it. What an incredible, versatile bass, and my god, what a B string!

Submitted on the 25th March by Steph who purchased a Dingwall ABZ4  bass

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to you all for supplying my 4 string Dingwall Afterburner, exactly what I needed. The quality is awesome and the tonal abilities of the 4 way toggle is brilliant, the pickups are amazing and I adjusted to the fanned frets almost straight away. Plus the Purpleburst is lovely, perfect as purple is my favourite colour. Thanks again.

Submitted on the 29th February 2015 by Andy who purchased a Dingwall Combustion  bass and Vanderkley cabinet

Thanks Mark, and thanks for the usual excellent service when I was down a couple of weeks ago. The Combustion is stunning and the Vanderkley’s are the best cabs I’ve ever used. I gigged the new rig and everyone in the band commented on how smooth the bass sounded – job done. Please pass on thanks to Marcus for persuading me to get the second cab, makes all the difference. I drive down from Yorkshire because I wouldn’t shop anywhere else.


Dr Andrew O’Shaughnessy

Submitted on the 13th February 2016 by Peter who purchased a B stock Dingwall NG2  bass

Hi Marcus,

The NG2 arrived today. What a fantastic bass, and I thought my early Traben Chaos was well built and set up (it is, but not as good as the NG2).

Interestingly, the fanned frets felt completely natural from the first moment I played. Never tried them before today.

I thought the dent on the back would be bigger - not that I was that bothered about it.

Anyway, it’s fabulous and plays like a dream. And speedy delivery is a nice bonus.



Submitted on the 28th October 2015 by Ged who purchased a Dingwall ABI 5  bass

I made the journey from North Wales down to Bass Direct and it was a fantastic experience. I have never seen so many bass guitars and gear all in one place. Having told them I had been a 4 string bass player since the 70's and wanted to try a 5 string, Mark was more than helpful with a real in depth of knowledge of everything to do with the transition. I have never come across any salesman who actually knows and understands every single guitar in the store with such depth of understanding and detail. On arriving, he got out 6 different basses for me to try based on my needs. It was so much better being able to try each one and have all the pro's and cons of each explained as we went along. In the end, I purchased the Dingwall AB1, a really special bass, that fitted me like a glove. I also tried out a wireless system and bought that too!
Many thanks again to you both at Bass Direct, I will be coming back for all my accessories and to pick you brains again sometime soon!

Submitted on the 6th October 2015 by Jerome who purchased a Dingwall Combustion 5  bass

I've just bought a new dingwall combustion swamp ash and rosewood fretboard. The bass is incredibly light, the fan fret is near zero effort the sound is really piano like with a lot of sustain. A lot of punch and clarity instrument, well finished and an eye catcher for sure.

Plus, I must tell Mark must be the most patient and professional person I've seen, he replied my thousands mail about every details of the bass or payment options. I recommend and would deal again.

Submitted on the 05th September 2015 by John who purchased a Dingwall ABZ5  bass

Hiya Mark,

It's been about a month since I got my ABZ 5 and I love it! It sounds and feels incredible, is so comfortable to play and the fanned frets are a breeze to play, barely took any time at all to get used to, thanks so much :)


Submitted on the 27th May 2015 by Bazza who purchased a Dingwall SP5  bass

Hello Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday. I ended up going to a practice last night with one band I play in and the Dingwall is absolutely stunning! I really can't believe how truly amazing it sounds, how responsive it is and how much of a dream it is to play. Your shop is always well worth a visit, I've started saving for the next time!!!!!



Submitted on the 14th March 2015 by Kelvin who purchased a Dingwall Combustion  bass


I have finally been able to play the bass I bought from you and have to say its amazing, as was your service. Just a quick email from a very satisfied customer!


Chris Leworthy.

Submitted on the 24th February 2015 by Kelvin who purchased a Dingwall NG2  bass

After a painful experience with a rogue courier, the guys here were unbelievably helpful getting everything fixed and a scant few days later I had my new bass. I was kept in the loop from the word go and i now have a great instrument that would have been impossible from the stores up in Glasgow.

The Dingwall is a sexy bit of gear and sounds monstrous with the Vintage Microtubes I bought with it. I recommended these lads to anyone online.


Submitted on the  30th October 2014 by Richard who purchased a Dingwall ABZ 4 bass

Hi Mark
Thanks. I haven't had much time to play the new bass but it is amazingly light and looks gorgeous. The fan frets fall easily under the fingers and you are hardly aware of the slant on the fret.
I love the definition of the different pickup settings.
Looking forward to getting familiar with the new addition.

Thanks again


Submitted on the  19th October  2014 by Dave who purchased a pair Dingwall ABZ 5/3 bass

Hi Mark and team

Bass arrived safe and sound this afternoon. Holy s**t! It has surpassed all of my hopes and expectations. Sounds and looks stunning and pretty much plays itself, on first impressions I couldn't be happier. Who needs active pickups? It's going to take a lot to be swayed by another bass now. Thanks for helping me get such a great bass, I'll be in touch for any future purchases.

All the best.


Submitted on the 11th July 2013 by Kelvin who purchased a purchased an secondhand Dingwall ABII 5  bass

I purchased this bass second hand without even seeing It, let alone play it but not only was the condition of the bass exactly as described but it even sounds exactly as described! The fan frets feel completely natural when playing and I'm extremely impressed with the bass and the prompt delivery.

Highly recommended.

Submitted on the 5th December  2013 by Paul who purchased a Dingwall SB1 5 bass and Skjold SS5 fretless bass

You wouldn't believe how 1 visit to Mark's shop has completely changed my basses, amps, cabs and pedals in just over 12 months.
Last year I popped in to the shop to see what it was all about and soon realised that my collection of SWR amps & cabs, Warwicks, Alembics, Musicman's were just not hitting the right note anymore. I no longer have the back breaking, tone mushing SWRs but a Genz Benz and Vanderkley rig (that reviews already on here somewhere) but then I purchased a Dingwall AB1 and recently a Pete Skjold Fretless.

The Dingwall AB1 5 string. These are amazing basses. Don't let the fanned frets put you off, these are easy to play and you get used to it within minutes. These are well built and long gigs are not an issue due to their light weight. The controls are simple , vol, pickup and passive tone but the clarity of the instrument means you hear everything including those bum notes. My most complimentary comment with this bass was from a sound engineer who put me on solo (in his headphones) for the entire gig because it sounded so good !!.

The Pete Skjold Slayer 5 string Fretless.
A recent purchase but having been looking for a new fretless bass for a while, this was one of those that 'I'll give it a go' ....even if I couldn't pronounce his name. I've heard of Pete before through Damian Erskine's video's.
This has to be the best fretless I have ever played and a proper hidden gem. Its one of those fretless basses you can have FUN with. The range of sounds are just 'there' and uses a East style P-Retro for getting out those mids....'cause playing a fretless is ALL about the mids!'. The bass is lightweight, versatile, stunning to look at and built to a high quality, Its difficult to put it down!

To summarise the last 12 months...
In today's world of the Internet you can order anything from the comfort of your armchair. In these cases, a bass is more than just an item on a website along site your grocery shopping, clothing, kitchen appliances, etc. These are 'works of art' built by people with a passion , detail & vision, that in the end benefit people like you & me.
We need to get up off our armchairs, hold, play, listen and feel the instruments Mark promotes and maybe realise that with it, comes a new approach to inspiration and playing.

I feel I won't be seeing Mark for a while as I have no more basses to sell to fund any new purchases but have absolutely no reservations in recommending Mark to anyone who is looking for something 'different' in all things bass!.
Mark...we salute you!

Steve, Derby

Submitted on the 29th November 2013 by Paul who purchased a Dingwall SJ4 bass

Hi Mark,


The Dingwall SJ got a run out a rehearsal last night only a few hours into its new home and yep it meets expectations for sure!  Impressed my bandmates who have no real idea who Dingwall is, but they all thought it looked cool which is as much as I can hope for really!


You are so right about the difference in class between a new take on an old theme and what Fender make – I suspect my Jazz won’t see light of day for a while.


Thanks again,



Submitted on the 29th October 2013 by Paul who purchased a Dingwall ABI 5 string bass

I have to say, Mark, having just finished the first tour with my AB1, the bass was an absolute pleasure to play - and despite my dodgy bass playing, drew lots of compliments from the fans - and the strings have lasted the whole tour and still sound great - albeit the Stainless Steel strings...

Dingwall - highly recommended, as of course, is dealing with Bass Direct!


Submitted on the 5th June 2013 by Ivor who purchased a Dingwal ABZ 4 bass and Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier and  2 x Bergantino HD112 cabinets

Hi Mark

Just thought it was about time I got back to you and said how much I am enjoying playing the Dingwall bass through the Genz Benz and Bergantino's I bought from you earlier this year. I've played inside, outside, small and large gigs and they just perform brilliantly. Been playing bass for 50 years now and I can honestly say its the best set up I've ever had. Thanks.


Ivor Jones

Submitted on the 29th January 2013 by Arindam who purchased a Dingwall ABZ 6 string bass, 2 x Vanderkley MNT112  cabinets and Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier

dear mark


With reference to the Dingwall ABZ6 string bass, I took it to a gig at Leicester last week with Roger Pugh and Alan Sansome, playing it through a GB Shuttle 9 and a couple of Vanderkley 112MNTs. I probably don’t need to say much really, the sound engineer was complimentary about the sound right from the sound check and the odd muzo – who recognised the fanned frets- actually came up to the stage to simply emphasise the ‘ph’ in phat!!


all in all, the sound was clear and solid for fingerstyle with a bite that sliced through the mix when slapping. despite this being an absolutely passive bass the slap tones are actually a lot better than some of the active ones I have played, including some I tested at bass direct, which, despite my (previous) love for active electronics, esp. bartolini’s, sounded rather over-produced.


6 strings, a beautifully crafted bass producing incredible tone from just 3 knobs (I was churning out some thundering low A’s as well via the hipshot), an absolutely fantastic lightweight amp and cab combo- why should anyone want a bass with half a dozen controls?? I actually have some corns from playing it regularly at home, and again, to echo others’ comments the fan frets have not been much of a problem at all, and even with my shorter arms and fingers, I found passages along the upper register and the 6th string quite easy!!


this is now my standard rig for my rock/ avant-folk gigs, and will be certainly so on the jazz gigs where I don’t need my fretless!!


to echo the muzo’s comments, a ‘handsome beast’ that sounds as good as it looks!!


warm regards

Submitted on the 27th December 2012 by Simon who purchased  Dingwall ABII 5 string bass

Mark. Many thanks.

The bass is an absolute dream to play. I am loving it. Everything about it screams quality!

Thanks again, you've made my year!


Submitted on the 9th December 2012 by Stephen, who purchased a Dingwall Combustion bass

You were right about the Dingwall bass. It has taken no time to get used to it. Sounds good and plays excellently. Thank you for you patients onTuesday. You have one happy and satisfied customer.


Stephen Byrne

Submitted on the 28th September 2012 by Phil who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 900 amplifier and  Bergantino HD210 cabinets and a Dingwall 5 string bass

Hey Mark,

It's been a while since I bought this great rig from you, but I thought I'd leave the review until I'd gigged it a few times.

All I can say is this combination of Dingwall, Genz Benz and Bergantino (the Holy Trinity), produces the best sound I've ever got from any rig, at any price! There's so much headroom - more than I'll ever need - and so clear and warm without being muddy or harsh. Also, my fingers aren't blistered by the end of the gig!

I get great comments from band members and audience alike, saying they can actually hear what I'm playing.
I've since bought from you a Berg EX112 to go with the 210 - brilliant addition.

Thanks again for the advice Mark,


Submitted on the 15th September 2012 by Michael who purchased a Dingwall ABII 5 string bass

Second time I have bought Dingwall from Mark, and again excellent service and honest, accurate advice.
It isn't easy to find the confidence to buy something as expensive as this which you haven't played first; but Marks's advice was sound, so many thanks.
As for the instrument, it does all I need it to - exceptionally well. Much better weight than the lighter ABZ5 I had. I parted with all my other quality basses except for a cheap 4 string which I use for teaching and invested in this. I have no regrets at all.
I am a bit of a traditionalist in my rig and I play through an Ampeg PF 500 watt 2 x 15"cab setup and it is raw tonal bliss.
First gig with this our drummer couldn't make it and we had to go acoustic at the last minute, made the bass sound front and central when not competing with drums.
So many compliments on the sound. Second gig was an outside affair at a festival and it was enabled full on active. Nuff said, success.
If you haven't played one of these ABII basses you gotta try one, but be careful - all your other basses will definitely get jealous and eventually divorced.
Now for a Super J . . . . . .

Submitted on the 30th July 2012 by John who purchased a Dingwall ABZ 5 string bass

Hello Mark,


Bass arrived at office at about 1230. My initial thoughts are as follows. Opened it with colleague. Very excited. Beautiful appearance. Quality is palpable. Fingers seem to fall into place with fan frets. A dream to play. Connected to  practice amp/speaker resulting in no hiss, buzz or hum. Low B superb. Other basses now redundant. I am in raptures. This is a beautiful instrument. I shall e mail you again after a few weeks of playing.  


Cheers John.

Submitted on the 22nd July 2012 by Stephen who purchased a Dingwall ABII 6 string bass

Hi Mark


Just to let you know that my new ABII is just as great as I expected. You have now guided to my 4th Dingwall and as before each adds to the quality of the previous one.


The new ABII 6  is exactly what I wanted - something that was different to my SPJ5 - but still with that great Dingwall playability. I am really pleased I went with the 6 over the 5 .


I played a 4 hour rehearsal with it last night - going from Reggae to Indie to Blues and there was a tone for each. The drummer and guitarist both said - "what an awesome bass sound" afterwards - without any prompting.


Says it all really doesn't it?


Thanks again.




Stephen Talbot

Submitted on the 16th July 2012 by Reggie who purchased a Dingwall Combustion bass, a Genz Benz STL6 Max and a Mark Bass Supersynth.

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to thank you so much for bringing me 'up to date' with the Dingwall Combustion, Genz Benz Shuttle Max 6 & the Markbass Super Synth pedal.

I took them out for the first gig this weekend just gone and it was simply awesome, the sound was incredible. Thank you for your advice and patience, making sure I really took home what would work for me. It was so great to deal with someone who actually understood my requirements and took into consideration exactly what would work for me.

I will recommend you to all my students - in fact anybody who is into bass!

Brilliant - keep up the good work mate!

Kind regards,

Reggie Winslade  

Submitted on the 16th May 2012 by Marc who purchased a Dingwall Super P 5 bass

Hi Mark,

Just to let you know, the Dingwall Super P5 arrived safe and sound on Friday morning.  This was absolutely the right decision to make!

I played the Dingwall almost 16 hours during rehearsals at the weekend and I'm totally blown away by the superb tone, the playability of the bass (it is so light and well balanced)

and how well the bass stays in tune.  Furthermore, every note, regardless of where I play it on the fingerboard, is even in tone and in tune!  

I'm really grateful to you for your superb service and support and above, for your patience!  (-:

See you when I'm next in the UK (don't worry too much, I'm not planning to be there until 2013! )

Kindest regards


Submitted on the 16th May 2012 by Phil who purchased a Dingwall ABZ 5 bass

Hey Mark,

Thanks so much for your time, helping me choose this amazing instrument. Your enthusiasm about what the modern bassist has available to him now, is inspiring. It really is a great time to be a bass player!

I've already started saving for the Genz/Bergatino rig!

Many thanks again,


Submitted on the 24th April 2012 by Bruce who purchased a set of Dingwall ABi 5 bass and a  Genz Benz STM900 amplifier

Hi Mark

What can I say that hasn’t already about Dingwall? What an awesome bass, I tried several combustions and an ABZ, before finally settling on an AB1 and right now I’m loving it. Sorry its taken a while to get back to you, been trying to get my combination back together again. Three excellent components making up my rig, a Bergantino AE210, a Genz Benz Streamliner, and a Dingwall AB1. Together an awesome sound.

Thank you so much for your help.


Submitted on the 11th April 2012 by John Mitchell who purchased a Dingwall Combustion

Dear Mark,


It has been three weeks since I purchased the Dingwall Combustion from you and I would like to say how pleased I have been with it.  Right from the word go I found it easy to play, even though it is probably one of the longest scale bass guitars in normal production.  The fanned frets are not a problem, but I found at first that I had to take a little care where playing above the 12th fret, as one starts to go "uphill" across from the B to the G string.  This no longer presents a problem.  The bridge(s), nut, and fan fret design raises a lot of questions from other musicians! 


Lastly, please may I thank you for the rapid and safe delivery of my bass, well within 16 hours!


Yours Sincerely,


John Mitchell.

Submitted on the 14th March 2012 by Kevin White who purchased a Dingwall Z2 5 and Genz Benz Streamliner 600

Hi Mark,


Been away for a few days so frustratingly haven’t had much time with the Dingwall, but it’s great and really looking forward to it’s first gig next Wednesday.  Posted a testimonial but not sure it was accepted as I couldn’t find a “submit” button so have copy/pasted below.



“Still exploring the amazing tonal capabilities of my gorgeous new Dingwall Z2, and Genz Benz Streamliner 600.


Excellent personal service as ever, Mark gave honest advice and pointed me in exactly the right direction to get the sound I wanted. In fact the Z2 and GB Streamliner coupled with my MarkBass cabs make me sound better than I ever thought I could!


If you don't visit Mark at Bass Direct, I pretty much guarantee that you aren't sounding as good as you could.


Thanks again Mark.”


Kev White


Submitted on the 29th January 2012 by Michael who purchased a Dingwall ABZ 5 string bass

Thanks for the advice regarding the ABZ Dingwall when I was nearly going to opt for something else. What a fantastic bass; excellent sound and so light I thought an empty box had been delivered to my door. I've played Rickenbacker, Fender, Peavey, Musicman, ESP for over 25 years and finally now a Dingwall.

It's official - this is as good as it gets. . . . . . .

So get some.


Submitted on the 12th January 2012 by Stephen who purchased a Dingwall SJ5 5 string bass



Just played the SJ5 for 4 hours straight. Truly Great. Can't fault it.




Stephen Talbot

Submitted on the 1st August  2011 by Paul who purchased a Dingwall ABI 6 string bass

I’m having a riot with the Dingwall – it has absolutely monster tone and is so easy to play. Most of my basses start by being extensively tweaked to lower the action twiddle truss-rods etc but this one just plays like a dream straight out of the box. You were absolutely right about being constantly asked about the fan-fret neck. Great stuff.

Paul Shearing

Submitted on the 11th May 2011 by Julian in Gibralter who purchased a Dingwall ABZ 6 string bass

Hey Mark,

Just to let you know that i received the bass safely yesterday. It looks and plays incredibly well, and i love how full the low end sounds. I'm definitely very happy with it, thanks for everything again.



Submitted on the 21st January 2011 by Matt Cohen who purchased a Dingwall ABI 6 string bass

Following a trip to Bass Direct, I was introduced to a beautiful Dingwall AB1 Blackout 6 string bass. It was immediately obvious to me that this was a bass that was unique in many ways, and I wasn’t sure how quickly I could adapt to it. Quite honestly, however, after tentatively playing just a few notes in the shop, I was hooked! The deal was done then 4 weeks later, I was on tour and WOW!! This bass is light, versatile, and stunningly beautiful to play, whilst also being breathtaking to look at and a conversation point to boot. I sold my remaining basses straight away and ordered an ABZ 6 string.

After all this time, I have finally arrived at a place where I get excited about opening the case and pulling out the bass, and I now plug it into my studio or on into my amp onstage and hear and feel exactly what I have been looking for. If I could buy the company I would but, for now, owning two of these incredible instruments is more than enough. So - to Dingwall - thank you so much for making what I consider to be the best and most forward thinking instruments out there. I have found my home. To Mark and Bass Direct - thanks so much for helping me start my new and exciting journey with sound and honest advice.

Matt Cohen

Submitted on the 8th December 2010 by Chris from Australia who purchased a Dingwall ABI 6 string bass

From the fast and informative replies to my emails, to the 6 day turnaround from payment to holding the bass in my hands, all the way down here in Australia, Bass Direct UK has provided the smoothest international transaction I've ever had.

It really doesn't get any better than handmade Dingwall basses, and the friendly service of Mark at Bass Direct. Do yourself a favour and try both!

Best regards from Australia,


Customer feedback submitted on the 14th August 2010 by Stephen Talbot who purchased a Dingwall Combustion bass in Sunburst

After looking at 5 string basses in about 10 shops all over the north west of England I had virtually given up on finding one that I could play.

I contacted bassdirect asking if they had any suitable for 'really short fingers'. After a couple of emails I decided to go and have a look . . .

Wow what a shop.

As one of the previous guys here said; it certainly is an Aladdin's cave of all things bass.

Their staff are professional and obviously know their stuff. Not only did they have 6 or 7 basses that suited me straight off(I am sure they had more but I had already decided what I wanted) - I ended up buying a Dingwall which is awesome and I WAS a Warwick only man till my visit.

Thanks Mark for great advice and really good gear, the Dingwall and Bassdirect are both great.

I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

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Dingwall Local Hero Chris Clark in action with his band - Xerath www.xerath.net 


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