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Hiscox D Logo case - £135 - OUT OF STOCK

Dingwall Deluxe gig bag - £140                             

New Dingwall Pro gig bag includes accessory case - £240

Dingwall Back Pack with Inserts - £139


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New Dingwall Back Pack - Includes inserts


Size - 47 x 32cm - 6cm deep

Side sockets - 30 x 11cm

Front pocket - 30 x 35cm/30 x 24cm

Hiscox Case D Logo

Fits all DIngwall basses but not the D-Roc

New Dingwall Pro Gig bag includes detachable accessory case

Feature-rich gig bag for electric bass guitar, constructed with two-tone polyester and rubber shell, 1″ foam padding, and headliner lining. Each bag is equipped with three exterior accessory pockets, hide-away back-pack shoulder straps, interior string and bridge protectors, end-pin reinforcement slings,. Inside dimensions: 50″ L x 15 1/2″ W (at lower bout) x 2 1/2″ D.

NEW Dingwall Deluxe Gig bag

Superior protection, durable exterior shell, large front pocket with extra front zipped compartment, durable side and front carry handles, rear shoulder straps.

With 20mm of PU padding. Multiple pockets, padded handles and backstraps and a toughened zip, finished in grey with reflective trim.Extreme bags will give ultimate protection.

Length: 122.5cm, Lower Bout: 38.5cm, Upper Bout: 34.5cm, Depth: 8cm.