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Dingwall Long Scale (Combustion, NG, ABZ, ABI, Z)

Dingwall Medium Scale (Super P, Super J)                                    

Payson Long Scale Strings

Other strings + Dingwall Singles                         

Payson Long Scale single strings

Payson Long Scale 4 string Drop Tune sets NEW

Grossman Long Scale single strings NEW

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Dingwall AB s/s 4 string set. 45/58/75/98

Dingwall AB s/s 5 string set. 45/58/75/98/127

Dingwall AB s/s 6 string set. 32/45/58/75/98/127

Dingwall/Kalium F# Stainless 175 string single

Dingwall/Kalium F# Nickel 175 string single

Dingwall AB Nickel 45/55/80/100 4 string set

Dingwall AB Nickel 45/55/80/100/130 5 string set-

Dingwall AB Nickel 30/45/55/80/100/130 6 string set

Grossman Long Scale single strings - NEW

Nickel 4 - 45/65/85/105 - £20

Nickel 5 - 45/65/85/105/130 -  £25

Nickel 6 - 25/45/65/85/105/130 - £28

New LaBella RX strings designed for Bass Direct by LaBella

Higher tension than the standard strings so perfect when drop tuning.

LaBella RX Nickel 5 - 45/65/85/105/128

LaBella RX Stainless 5 - 45/65/85/105/128

New Dunlop Superbright strings designed for Dingwall basses

Smooth and easy to play, taperwound on A, E and B strings, lower tension.

Nickel 5 - 45/65/85T/105T/130T - NEW

Payson Stainless steel 5 string set. 45/65/85/105/130 (high C available)

Payson Nickel, 5 string set. 45/65/85/105/130 (high C available)

Payson Nickel ML 5 string set. 44/58/78/100/130 (high C available)

Payson Black Dagger Coated strings 5 string set. 45/65/85/105/130 (high C available)

Payson Stainless steel 6 string set

Payson Nickel High 6 string set

Payson Nickel ML 6 string set

Payson Groundwound Flats 5 string set

Payson Flatwounds 5 string set - OUT OF STOCK

Payson Flatwounds 6 string set - OUT OF STOCK

Payson Nickel 145T string

Payson Nickel 170T string

Payson Stainless 145T string

Payson Stainless 170T string

Payson Nickel 4 Drop G/G# set.160T .125T .090 .070

Payson Nickel 4 Drop A set .145T .110 .080 .060

Payson Nickel 4 Drop C set .125T .090 .070 .050

Payson Nickel 4 Drop D set - .110 .085 .065 .050

Payson Stainless 4 Drop A set .145T .110 .080 .060 OUT OF STOCK

Payson Stainless 4 Drop C set .125T .090 .070 .050


Payson Stainless 5 Drop A set .145T .110 .080 .060, .040

Payson Stainless 5 Drop C set .125T .090 .070 .050, .040

LaBella 760NB SL Nylon 5 string. 45/85/85/105/125 OUT OF STOCK

LaBella 760FSB SL Flatwound 5 string. 45/85/85/105/125 - OUT OF STOCK

DR High Beam 45 - 105 XL 4 string. 45/85/85/105 Extra long scale

Thomastik JF365 flat wound 5 string. 40/57/72/96/136

Additional High C String option for 6 string set.

Pyramid Made in Austria

5 string Stainless for Dingwall Long Scale: 40/60/80/100/126 - £45

Dingwall SJ/SP Stainless 4 string set. 45/65/80/105

Dingwall SJ/SP Stainless 5 string set. 45/65/80/105/130

Dingwall B SJ/SP Stainless 130 B string single

Dingwall SJ/SP Nickel 4 string set. 45/65/80/105

Dingwall SJ/SP Nickel 5 string set. 45/65/80/105/130


New Dingwall Nickel strings - after two years of extensive R&D we are proud to announce the new Dingwall Nickel strings - added warmth and a smoother feel.

Dingwall Stainless steel strings are a high grade stainless steel custom gauge set designed specifically for the Fan Fret basses guitars.

Dunlop custom Superbright DIngwall strings







As the innovators of today’s best-selling electric bass strings like Deep Talkin’ Bass Flat Wounds, Black Nylon Tape Wounds and the 0760M Original “1954” set, La Bella Strings is proud to introduce the latest achievement in bass strings: the Rx Series. Representing the culmination of months of R&D alongside La Bella Strings’ Inner Circle of Artists, the Rx Series has received acclaim from the best bass players in the world across all styles and genres of music.


Available in both Stainless Steel and Nickel-Plated Steel, the Rx Series has a unique round wound construction that ensures the best playability of any round wound electric bass set on the market. Wound on a hexagonal core to prevent buzzing and optimal intonation, the Rx Series is crafted with hard-temper wire from American wire mills. This extra attention to quality means that each and every player receives the highest-end Nickel-Plated and Stainless Steel on the market.


More flexible and lighter in tension compared to La Bella Strings’ current SN & M Series, players will find the Rx Series more comfortable to play on any style of bass. Side effects may include brighter sounding strings, incredible intonation and long-lasting playability. The Rx Series is just the remedy your bass has been calling for!


The Rx Series is available in both Stainless Steel & Nickel-Plated Steel, in 4, 5, and 6-String models. Each set is available in 4 different gauges (Model A, B, C, and D) for a total of 24 new sets, which means each and every player is bound to find the perfect set for his or her bass!

Thomastik Infeld, producers of the legendary Spirocore strings for the Double Bass, bring their unrivalled experience and quality to the Bass Guitar.

First up the Jazz Series strings. Available in Roundwound and Flatwound these strings use a highly pliable steel core wrapped in a silk inlay, both have a nickel alloy winding. The flatwound have a true ribbon winding resulting in an incredible depth of tone. The roundwound bass strings have small diameter round winding giving more bite while minimising string "squeak" and wear on the frets. Jazz series Bass Strings are lower tensioned and gauged to ease playability and strain on the instrument.

Jazz Bass - JF

Smooth, Warm, Balanced the E-Bass Jazz Series are strings with extended durability and high output. A highly flexible steel core gives the string a balanced feeling and a special character. The overall sound characteristics can be described as very close to the double bass.


These strings were designed to sound good with your tone control as wide open as possible taking advantage of the pu's wide sonic range. The Stainless steel strings give maximum clarity on the high end and upper mids helping "cut" through the mix but also have excellent bass response. The Nickel string have greater lower mid and low end with smooth yet clear high end, the greater tension allows you to use a straighter neck and lower action.

A .130T-H (Medium Heavy) B string will be available for those who tune down or want an even more authoritative B. The .35 is for 6 shooters.

New in are the Medium Light (ML) version Payson Nickel ML 5 string set. 44/58/78/100/130

New Black coated strings sets - 45/65/85/103/130

New Drop Tune 4 string sets in Nickel and Stainless For Fanned Fret Basses 36.25"-34"

Drop G/G# 4 String Bass Set .160T .125T .090 .070

Drop A 4 String Bass Set .145T .110 .080 .060

Drop C 4 String Bass Set .125T .090 .070 .050

NEW! Payson Fanned NS set. .105E, .85A, .65D and .45G. This results in lighter tension and greater harmonics with the same smooth outer feel.


Half Rounds

D'Addario Half Round bass strings are wound with pure nickel, then precision ground, leaving the outer surface smooth and "semi-flat," while retaining the flexibility of round wound strings. They retain round wound brightness and sustain thanks to our exclusive "heat treating" process.

Customer feedback

Hi Mark,

As promised here is some feedback on my experiences with the Dingwall P-Tone pickup that you recently supplied for my Dingwall AB1 5.

As you said, fitting is a doddle and as I was removing the strings to fit the new pickup, I also chose to fit a set of Payson nickels instead of replacing with Dingwall Voodoos. So my new experience was with the heavier nickel strings as well as the Dingwall P-Tone pickup.

Firstly the Payson strings; as I am quite a heavy handed player I find the thicker gauge more to my liking, in the past, pre Dingwall, I always used a medium gauge. With lighter gauges I feel that I have to be a bit careful! Anyway the thicker, and at first stiffer, Payson strings gave me something to go at again. I had blisters on my fingers after the first band practice, it has been quite a while since that happened. Thankfully this situation has not continued, either the strings are more supple or my fingers are toughening up :-) I think the former, as bending notes is no problem now. After a couple of weeks of playing, both me and my strings have settled in nicely together and I am glad of their full weight and growly warmth. After fitting I tighted the truss rod a little to lower the action. The heavier strings go low without buzzing.

As to the main reason for tweaking my Dingwall, the fitting of the P-Tone neck pickup. It certainly does what it says on the tin. I play covers , mostly rock, blues and pop with some funky stuff thrown in. As many of the originals were played on a Precision I have tended to use the original neck pickup quite a lot, with the treble turned down to get that Precision sound. Having seen the P-Tone listed I thought that this will do the job better. Well I can confirm that it certainly does, the new pickup is fuller with an edgy mid punch. Just right for rock and blues. It has real authority without being boomy, fabulous thick punch that you can just turn up and it stays tight and clean with such a big sound.

Switching to the second position, both pickups in series, it's just like pouring a warm chocolate sauce over your favourite sponge pudding. (Well to me it does :-)) The tone fills to be rich and smooth softening the edge of the P-Tone pickup and the sound gets bigger.

The original Dingwall pickup was more subtle with plenty of colour in the tone, but the P-Tone in my opinion is better suited to my style of playing for rockier numbers.

What you said about pickup height is so true, the height that the pickup is set has a lot of effect on the sound. It does not take more than a quarter or half turn of a pickup screw to alter the sound. I used the setup advice from Sheldon which is on the Dingwall website under Basses in the forum. But ultimately it is down to tweaking to get the sound that you prefer.

My first gig with the new pickup and strings gave me just that I was looking for, the tone and depth took me pleasantly by surprise. The improvement to my Dingwall's sound and its integration into the sound of the band, makes me smile :-)

Thanks once again Mark for your continued great service and advice. Always a pleasure to visit you in Warwick.

All the best, Cameron